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After The Audit: Wargaming The Left's Revenge
Martin Knight 6/10/2021 1:01 PM


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I confess; I think anyone entertaining any thoughts about Donald Trump being back in the Oval Office by this August, next year or any time before January 2025, even if proper full AZ style audits in GA, PA, MI and WI irrefutably prove that the Democrats committed fraud on a nationwide scale, is jumping the gun. 


In fact, I think far too many people, including myself, are assuming that not only would the Maricopa audit reveal fraud, but that it would, for certain, naturally provide an impetus for similar audits to take off in other states. 


But it won't be smooth sailing from there.  


To be clear, I do believe the audit in AZ will reveal fraud - particularly fake ballots, and that will galvanize enough Republicans in other State Legislatures to launch their own comprehensive investigations. 


But, the Democrats - from those in elected office, to those in the unelected bureaucracies, to their judges, to their operatives in journalism, to progressive executives in corporate America and their activist base that is currently setting their own cities on fire - are not likely to just sit back and watch their efforts of the last year be undone. 


A recent exchange I had with someone on another platform, a self-described Conservative, was illuminating; he objects to the audits because he believes there was fraud, audits like the one taking place in Maricopa County will reveal it, and Donald Trump is "not worth the dissolution of America." 


My response was this; fiat justitia ruat caelum; let justice be done though the heavens fall. An America where one party can plan, coordinate and carry out the stealing of the Presidency and get away with it, and those who can, refuse to expose it out of fear, is not America. 


But ... that doesn't mean we can't wargame out what to expect. 


The day Cyber Ninjas reports that the audit has found enough fraudulent ballots to conclusively say Trump won AZ, the media will unleash an unrelenting torrent of invective, insinuation, falsehood, intimidation and sabotage in response. Each and every single known audit principal, volunteer, lawyer, technician, etc. will be declared a racist, white supremacist, homophobe, misogynist, xenophobe, transphobe, and guilty of all other forms of bigotry. This excludes allegations of promoting treason, sedition and terrorism. 


And in the days following, people like Doug Logan of Cyber Ninjas, former AZ SoS Ken Bennett and Ben Cotton of CyFIR will almost certainly find themselves facing assorted allegations of sexual and financial improprieties and nearly every allegation will find its way to the front page regardless of its lack of sources or veracity. Indeed, many would be fabricated and, or facilitated by the journalists themselves, with the full knowledge and encouragement of their editors.  


Like with Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh, a minimal effort of social engineering can yield any number of progressive or simply mercenary ex-partners, classmates, workmates, neighbors, neighbors' children now grown, etc. who can be induced to say whatever the narrative demands. And, for some, depending on the depth of their progressive convictions, it won't take much to induce them. On many college campuses, making a false allegation in the service of progressive political goals, which often includes the personal destruction of perceived political enemies, is encouraged and feted as an act of public service by a substantial number of Administrators and Faculty. This is a sentiment that is widely shared at the highest levels of journalism. 


Every other major cultural institution in America will join the media in their campaign to tear down the audit and the individuals who supported it and carried it out. This includes major elements of corporate America; Left-wing corporate executives are no less inclined toward using their positions to punish their perceived political enemies than Left-wing journalists - after all, they went to the same schools, were taught by the same uniformly radical and intolerant Left-wing professoriate and hold to the same orthodoxies.  


Starting with Big Tech, the social media giants will undoubtedly attempt to cancel organization and individual accounts, and those of any others pushing for audits in other states. This will very likely be followed by the donations platforms, and there is a strong possibility that the payment processors will attempt to follow suit and bar donations via their platforms to organizations or individuals for, or simply supporting, the audit movement. Similarly, pressure will be mounted on hosting platforms to deny their services to audit websites and, offline, efforts will be made to force logistics and security companies to refuse to provide their services as well. 


Where it becomes truly insidious is when (not if) the Left goes beyond the demonetization or cancellation of accounts on social media, and tries to take it to other spheres of life out in the real world. Recently, one of the few non-Leftist donations platforms, GiveSendGo, was hacked, and swarms of Left-wing journalists descended on the homes of private citizens to confront them for donating to the "wrong" cause e.g. Kyle Rittenhouse's legal defense fund. 


My quibble here is with the story that GiveSendGo's data was "hacked" rather than "leaked." Hacking is not quite as effortless as Hollywood makes it out to be; it is actually very difficult. I believe it's far more likely that a Left-wing executive at their bank or payment processor, who would naturally see nothing wrong with leaking the confidential details of customers who donate to the "wrong" cause, simply downloaded the information and sent it out. 


So simply supporting the audits, much less actually participating in them, could plausibly mean being doxxed and having a mob in front of one's house, losing a job, the closing of personal and business bank accounts, the cancellation of credit cards and long-running contracts and business relationships, and even a torturous audit by the IRS. 


With woke medical students promising to use race and perceived politics instead of presented ailments to triage patients, it is now very possible that an insurance company could cancel a customer's policy for having the "wrong" political opinion, and a Left-wing executive at the local utility company can suddenly decide that an individual is not to be provided with electricity or water at their home. 


The campaign of personal destruction by the media and other Left-controlled institutions will not be limited to audit principals and donors alone; it will be extended to spouses, children, siblings, parents, friends, business partners, clients, etc. This can range from a brigading campaign to leave hundreds of bad reviews online for a spouse's business, an allegation of sexual misconduct against a parent, to the rescinding of a child's hard-won acceptance into college by vengeful administrators.  


The point is to realize that these people cannot be reasoned with, and the attacks on your reputation, livelihood, your family or home are not a case of human error or a misunderstanding that will be straightened out with an earnest explanation that your interest is truly election integrity, and that you truly are neither a white supremacist nor rapist. Simply put, these are not good people, and the presumption should be of bad faith. 


The problem for the media and the false narrative of the audit in AZ being "messy," "chaotic,” "transphobic," etc. is that the auditors there have made it very difficult to attack the process because they have set up cameras to record everything and established extensive chain of custody procedures with documentation tracking every ballot from pallet to table and back again. 


That's why the focus of attack will be the people who carried out the audit in AZ, and those who want to replicate it in their states. 


So be prepared. Stand fast and swing back at every opportunity. Pre-empt their attacks and mock them relentlessly at every turn. Label them for the bad faith actors they are. And, remember, the personal attacks is them tacitly conceding their inability to attack the process. 


So, let's focus on getting the audits launched and done in those states, in those particular municipalities that we all know. 


We'll cross the bridge of what to do next when we get there.

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Martin Knight
Martin Knight According to the Belbin Team Inventory test, I'm a "Plant" and "Resource Investigator." In other words, I'm the guy who comes up with the weird ideas and figures out how we get them implemented. The other stuff is that I have a Masters in Computer Science, I work in telecoms (which takes me all over the world), I read a lot, and I've been a Conservative since I read my first Thomas Sowell column as a freshman. I am also Black, a Muslim, with African immigrant roots down one side ... and I really, really, really hate Identity Politics.

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