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John Tobin 7/22/2021 8:02 AM

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OK Folks, No Observations, no Thoughts just the BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) 

FACT: Multiple Murders this weekend in Washington DC, you know the town with Marxist Lives Matter written on a public street, police union publishes statement “elected officials will not let us do our jobs.

FACT: Cities ran by DINOs have skyrocketing murder and other crime rates, how’s that defunding the police working out for y’all?

FACT: In Washington, DC they have imprisoned a man guilty of trespassing in a public building, while in DC and other DINO controlled cities, they are letting known BLM and Antifa Criminals who beat senior citizens almost to death on camera go without prosecution

FACT: The shooting range called Chicago had another booming weekend, fifty were shot.

FACT: The DINO governors and mayors are afraid people are going to start meeting in public again and discussing the fascist treatment they have received from their power mad mayors and governors, so now it is back the mask, next will be the new variant will require isolation.

FACT: All the extra “keep people out of work and destroying the economy” benefits are supposed to end in September. The DINOs in Congress are already discussing more ways to buy votes and finish destroying our economy helping their ChiCom masters to economic domination.

FACT: Teachers unions are blackmailing school districts for more money, more benefits, and more “hate America” curriculum items.

FACT: The WHuppet and his regime want the entire population of Central and South America to come to America and vote for DINO candidates

FACT: The WHuppet and his regime have stated that any Cubans fleeing their communist Hell, will be returned to be imprisoned or murdered. Guess they think they will vote Republican.

FACT: CRT is not only ruining our schools, but now it is being used to destroy our military academies, training our new military leaders to hate their Country.

FACT: The DINOs in Congress want to spend 1 trillion to fix infrastructure, but 3.5 trillion to buy more votes.

FACT: The WHuppet bad mouths Big Tech out of one side of his mouth, and he and his regime are meeting with the same Big Tech to censor any thought they don’t approve.

Folks, our Republic was founded on the principle that government governs with the consent of the people, your silence on these facts and many others implies your consent, do you consent, do you approve of the United States of America becomjng the Fourth Reich, a vassal state of the People’s Republic of China. 

God Bless America


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John Tobin
COL (R) John “Jack” Tobin graduated from the Special Forces Training Course in 1968, as a communications supervisor. He served with 7th SFGA, and then was fortunate to serve with A503, A504, B55 “Mike Force”, 5th SFGA, Republic of Vietnam. After commissioning, he commanded ODAs, was Team Chief for the FORSCOM Intelligence Center for DESERT SHIELD/DESERT STORM, wrote new Tactics, Techniques and Protocols for Antiterrorism and Force Protection for J37, the Pentagon after the Khobar Towers event, and commanded the JRU, SOCJFCOM. He retired 1/1/2006, after serving as Chief of Plans, Combined Forces Command, Afghanistan, and Chief Military Liaison Team, US Embassy Kabul, 2004-2005. Between these assignments were there was a series of interesting posts in CONUS, Central and South America, Europe and Asia. Since retirement he served as the SF consultant on the conversion of nuclear submarines to SOF platforms, and was primary author of the ARSOF Future Operating Concepts 2016-2025. In 2012 he was named a Distinguished Member of the Special Forces Regiment, and served as the National President of the Special Forces Association. When his term as President, SFA ended, he happily returned to his duties as Deputy Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, of SFA Chapter VI, The Camp Mackall Chapter.

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