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Is bigger really better?
John Tobin 6/21/2021 8:03 AM

Ok Folks, Does size really matter? Now that I have your attention, for two centuries it seems that Americans have craved bigger and better, larger cities, larger schools, larger banks, larger stores, malls that cover acres, or have they? 

Yes that has all occurred but was it the choice of the people? From the beginning of the Republic it seems that a small group has continually tried to keep Americans in small enclaves where they be more easily controlled, John Adams, George Washington’s VP was charged with setting up the government, one of his first moves was establishing the Bank of the United States, and all US government funds were kept in that bank.

The director followed his instructions from the Senators and Congressmen from New England, “keep the money tight, prevent western expansion.” Why? To keep the formation of new states which would dilute New England’s vice grip on the government. New England could only add Vermont and Maine, while the Northwest Territory Act and the Louisiana Purchase gave the mid-Atlantic states and the south had unlimited land for unlimited expansion and many new states.

The New Englanders wanted America to be what it came, a megapolis along the coast, easy to control, small farms to feed the existing population, dependence on manufacturers from New England to Maryland and importers from Boston to Philadelphia to supply any manufactured goods. Small tradesmen taking care of the frontier settlements. 

Their plan went well until the election of Andy “By God” Jackson, they had stolen the election of 1824 from him, slipping a totally unprepared John Quincy Adams, yep, John’s little boy, and a New Englander, into the job. When Andy won in 1828, he closed the Bank of the US, the New Englanders in Congress re-authorized it, Andy closed it again by taking out all US funds. Game, set, match. 

Westward expansion began, and the cities poured people into the new lands, after some hiccups, America became the dynamo of manufacturing, innovation, invention, our farms becoming the “breadbasket of the world.” The Spanish American War brought us on the world’s stage, WWI, and WWII made us the “Arsenal of Democracy” and the world’s first superpower. Then America became fascinated by “Bigger Makes Better” where did this idea originate with the geniuses at Harvard, and Yale, New England colleges, bigger schools will give students better education, bigger cities will provide better services, bigger malls will provide more products, etc, etc.

Yes, bigger schools took the parents and the towns out of the education process, ended the vocational training that had provided good jobs and skilled workers, bigger cities provided sites for the “economic plantations” the New Englander’s used make government their massas, destroying the progress the minorities had made, destroying some of the most tightest knit families in America, bribing them to produce more DINO voters. 

I could continue but today we have seen the success the New Englander’s have had, they stole an election, why do I say New Englanders, check the population of the Washington DC Cesspool, Mr. Tom Eddy a reader pointed out that calling DC a “SWAMP”, was an insult to the alligators, mosquitos, water moccasins, Poison Ivy, Sumac, that one finds in a SWAMP, therefore in the future we will refer to DC as a Cesspool. The are probably more Harvard and Yale class rings in the Cesspool than in all of New England.

Today Mall are closing, the ChiCom Flu closed many small businesses, the cities in New England and California are emptying into the hinterland, particularly Texas and Florida. Two states that have avoided the devastation of the PanDemocrat hoax. The voters aren’t like those the went from California to Colorado and make it a “blue” state, they voters have seen the vile conduct of their public officials, and will probably become more “red” than the natives.

I wrote of a method to open the lands of the west to development, hopefully it will be done, throwing bigger out for better, corrupt cities for communities, and schools and stores that fill the communities needs, not the wishes of the “elites.”

Tomorrow: Random Thoughts and Observations


 God bless America


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John Tobin
COL (R) John “Jack” Tobin graduated from the Special Forces Training Course in 1968, as a communications supervisor. He served with 7th SFGA, and then was fortunate to serve with A503, A504, B55 “Mike Force”, 5th SFGA, Republic of Vietnam. After commissioning, he commanded ODAs, was Team Chief for the FORSCOM Intelligence Center for DESERT SHIELD/DESERT STORM, wrote new Tactics, Techniques and Protocols for Antiterrorism and Force Protection for J37, the Pentagon after the Khobar Towers event, and commanded the JRU, SOCJFCOM. He retired 1/1/2006, after serving as Chief of Plans, Combined Forces Command, Afghanistan, and Chief Military Liaison Team, US Embassy Kabul, 2004-2005. Between these assignments were there was a series of interesting posts in CONUS, Central and South America, Europe and Asia. Since retirement he served as the SF consultant on the conversion of nuclear submarines to SOF platforms, and was primary author of the ARSOF Future Operating Concepts 2016-2025. In 2012 he was named a Distinguished Member of the Special Forces Regiment, and served as the National President of the Special Forces Association. When his term as President, SFA ended, he happily returned to his duties as Deputy Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, of SFA Chapter VI, The Camp Mackall Chapter.

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