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The Future through the Past.
John Tobin 6/17/2021 8:09 AM

Ok Folks, At seventy five, one often reflects on the past, and wonders what has made the America of today, so different from that of my youth. What factors, changed our azimuth so dramatically, and I believe I have found some clues. 

Today it is our Neighborhoods and schools. 

First an Observation: What made America, America? Neighborhoods, whether it be a settlement of Scotch-Irish on the frontier of the colonies, a Jewish Neighborhood in NYC, the “Southies in Boston”, the Scandinavians of the Northern Midwest, when a immigrant arrived they sought out their former countrymen, and headed there, started families, and merged into the community, then the next generation, their (xxx) daughter met a (xxx), son, and yes the “melting pot” became the “melting pot”. They communities took care of each other. If a synagogue burned down, the Methodists opened their doors. If a neighborhood burned, there was no “well they’re (xxx), let them suffer, everyone pitched in. The neighborhoods became communities, then boroughs or townships. The movement to the suburbs after WWII, finished the job of the melting pot, but the movement did come with one glitch, the front porch, the site of local discussion, of information exchange was gone, now it was the patio/deck behind the house, and that bond of community suffered. Soon the towns became small cities, and as they grew, there was less community, and more government. Each year, government grew, and local control declined, it was easier to let a bureaucrat run the town than to watch how the town was being run

As the towns grew, the schools were teaching “readin’, ‘riting and ‘rithmatic”, the parents were coming to PTA, I can remember in Hatfield, Pa, nearly every parent attended, not necessarily a good thing for we “creative” students, but they were there, listened, and knew what their children were learning.

 In 1955, seven little towns merged with the big city of Lansdale, and the school wasn’t the Hatfield’s High School anymore, not did the families want to drive twelve miles to PTA on a work night, then twelve miles home, so each year the parents knew less and less about their children’s education.

The reasons for consolidation were to provide a better education, did it, look at test scores from the mid ‘fifties, compared to today’s, look at the difference in the outcome, vocational education scorned, history ignored, heroes denigrated, and causes glorified. The students being taught to “hate”, hate America, hate capitalism, hate their parents, taught to be loyal only to government.

With the vanishing of neighborhoods, and the corruption of the schools, the liberals were able to move their agenda forward.

 Each Vignette will end with a question. Did bigger schools allow them to become petri dishes for every liberal experiment, and the indoctrination centers for the liberal agenda?

Tomorrow: Rights

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God Bless America

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John Tobin
COL (R) John “Jack” Tobin graduated from the Special Forces Training Course in 1968, as a communications supervisor. He served with 7th SFGA, and then was fortunate to serve with A503, A504, B55 “Mike Force”, 5th SFGA, Republic of Vietnam. After commissioning, he commanded ODAs, was Team Chief for the FORSCOM Intelligence Center for DESERT SHIELD/DESERT STORM, wrote new Tactics, Techniques and Protocols for Antiterrorism and Force Protection for J37, the Pentagon after the Khobar Towers event, and commanded the JRU, SOCJFCOM. He retired 1/1/2006, after serving as Chief of Plans, Combined Forces Command, Afghanistan, and Chief Military Liaison Team, US Embassy Kabul, 2004-2005. Between these assignments were there was a series of interesting posts in CONUS, Central and South America, Europe and Asia. Since retirement he served as the SF consultant on the conversion of nuclear submarines to SOF platforms, and was primary author of the ARSOF Future Operating Concepts 2016-2025. In 2012 he was named a Distinguished Member of the Special Forces Regiment, and served as the National President of the Special Forces Association. When his term as President, SFA ended, he happily returned to his duties as Deputy Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, of SFA Chapter VI, The Camp Mackall Chapter.

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