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Victory Disease
John Tobin 6/16/2021 8:01 AM

OK Folks, many have questioned why the DINOs have gone complete over the top with the programs they are trying to shove down America’s collective throat. It has become apparent that they stole the Presidency, they have a slim and quite shaky majority in the House, and a razor thin advantage, also shaky, in the Senate and are acting like they had a Reagan Landslide with the people demanding they implement their “hate” filled agenda.

Let’s turn to history for a parallel. In Jeff Shaara’s new book “The Eagles’s Claw” historical fiction about the Battle of Midway, he uses the term “Victory Disease” to describe the Japanese arrogance the caused them to lose that critical battle and the war in the Pacific. “Victory Disease” was caused by the Japanese successes in China, and S.E. Asia, victory after victory with no defeat to ground them.” In fact, during the rehearsal for the seizing of Midway Island, young Japanese officers deviated from the plans developed by their superiors and ambushed the Japanese fleet, their superiors went ballistic, and made them re-play the scenario, using their assumptions. The actions used by the young men, was exactly what happened a month later.

Today, the DINOs feel invincible, for the last nearly sixty years they have committed every offense from treason, to grand theft, murder, and support of the designated hitter rule, and never suffered a consequence, President Reagan interrupted their efforts, but couldn’t stop them.

Since 1916, the DINOs have been steadily moving America to become the Socialist Nirvana they seek, they the “elites” the rest of us the serfs in the field. With the inception of the Obama Regime, their master George Soros removed the screen and no longer the Socialist Nirvana, but the Fourth Reich is their goal. With Gates and Fauci their Dr. Mengele, Marxist Lives Matter/Antifa their stormtroopers, and the Chinese and Iranians their allies, the DINOs feel they are truly unstoppable. 

Folks, as with the Japanese in WWII, they have allowed their arrogance to overshadow their understanding of America. Already  Governors are nullifying illegal mandates and edicts, slowing their agenda. States are rallying in Arizona to witness the audit process that it seems will sweep the nation, it seems all of the 0300 voting pauses are in danger of exposure. 

The last factor is one of abject stupidity on the part of the DINOs, they believed their sycophants, the RINOs and NEOCONs, when they told them they could purge the GOP of the Trump influence, bad bet.

The “Victory Disease” seized the Japanese, and is now becoming apparent that it has seized the DINOs, what will be their Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Will the families of those they murdered in the ChiCom Flu hoax demand tribunals for treason? One hopes so, it is time they realize that you can only govern Americans when you have their consent.

Tomorrow: The Future Through the Past, Again.

God Bless America.

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John Tobin
COL (R) John “Jack” Tobin graduated from the Special Forces Training Course in 1968, as a communications supervisor. He served with 7th SFGA, and then was fortunate to serve with A503, A504, B55 “Mike Force”, 5th SFGA, Republic of Vietnam. After commissioning, he commanded ODAs, was Team Chief for the FORSCOM Intelligence Center for DESERT SHIELD/DESERT STORM, wrote new Tactics, Techniques and Protocols for Antiterrorism and Force Protection for J37, the Pentagon after the Khobar Towers event, and commanded the JRU, SOCJFCOM. He retired 1/1/2006, after serving as Chief of Plans, Combined Forces Command, Afghanistan, and Chief Military Liaison Team, US Embassy Kabul, 2004-2005. Between these assignments were there was a series of interesting posts in CONUS, Central and South America, Europe and Asia. Since retirement he served as the SF consultant on the conversion of nuclear submarines to SOF platforms, and was primary author of the ARSOF Future Operating Concepts 2016-2025. In 2012 he was named a Distinguished Member of the Special Forces Regiment, and served as the National President of the Special Forces Association. When his term as President, SFA ended, he happily returned to his duties as Deputy Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, of SFA Chapter VI, The Camp Mackall Chapter.

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