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Asymmetric Warfare – Diversion and Distraction
Tom Weaver 7/22/2021 10:01 AM


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I fall for it every time.  Maybe it is my age, maybe it is the internal trust I have in the pillars of freedom incorporated when creating this Nation.  Maybe I am lazy, and it is easier to ignore the bad news and focus on the good.  


And then when reality hits, when I realize that once again, I have been hoodwinked, I get mad.  I keep asking “Who Is Available to Help Us?”  I have received no answers to that question, for the only help available is We the People.  And we must correct the wrongs, we must right the ship.  


Is this Nation worth it?  Is the continued effort to create “a More Perfect Union” worth it?  How about our Posterity, our children and beyond, is it worth it to pass along the “Blessings of Liberty?”  


Years ago, my daughters would buy the garbage on the news that this Nation treated women unfairly, that women were not equal.  “Seriously Dad, look at the history of oppression!”  I would try to explain the path to more enlightenment, but it did not matter.  I tried to explain that women cannot be equal to man, for women give life, something that no man, even today, can accomplish.  Finally, I told them to research South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Mexico – because I was thinking about sending them to those Nations for a period of a few months each, just so they could see how other Nations deal with “the fairer sex!”


That solved the issue.  But even in the 80’s we were being distracted as Marxist infiltrated positions of education and political leadership.  The normal citizen was focused on making their lives better, this Nation better while a dark reality was laying the groundwork to fundamentally change this Nation.  And today, there is no one to help us but ourselves and there is really nowhere to go that has the foundation of liberty that is enjoyed in this Nation.  


But that freedom is being attacked daily by marxist democrats and anarchists.  According to Ibram Kendi and Nikole Hannah-Jones, this Nation’s most prolific racists, whites have ruined this Nation.  This Nation was built on the backs of slavery and “people of color” continue to be enslaved.  There is white supremacy, white entitlement and special white treatment.  Seriously, I must have been sleeping when those coupons were handed out.  Wait I am sorry, being self-motivated and hard-working, well those are white traits!!  In actuality, the accusations are inflammatory to divert attention, on purpose. 


The simple proof in this fake white supremacy claim is the question – who ruined Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, China, or Argentina?  These Nations do not have white supremacy, but they do have Marxists.  They do have progressive socialists wanting to build a utopia.  Get the picture?  


 Have you ever noticed, God gave us eyes to see, that the criminal element of Mexico, Nicaragua, and Guatemala seem to be darker than the general population, that they look more like the ancient people of those countries?   These Central American elite hate people of color, the Mayan and Aztec descendants.  They are not allowed to rise in rank in the military and you will not find them in politics, so they form gangs for survival.   


Something is happening, the diversions started last year with uncontrolled protests, with mask mandates, with travel restrictions and with “improved” voting requirements dictated by people without the Constitutional authority.   We are being played, our attention does not see the palming of the card or the false bottom to the box.  But rest assured, it is happening.


Just remember that once the lights go out, the lights can stay out.  If we destroy the heart of the Nation, the Declaration and the Soul of the Nation, the Constitution, there is no returning to what we understand.  Without the moral compass of life, liberty and happiness, without the goal of a more perfect union so that we can passed the blessings of liberty to our children, there is nothing.  


The diversion is required for the Election was Stolen.  Joe Bidens fiery speech this week was a diversion, an appeal to the citizens to focus on the future, not the irregularities of the past.  He is worried and hopes to shame us so that we stop the research into what happened in the weeks before and after Election Day 2020, because it is not patriotic.  Do not be fooled, it has nothing to do with patriotism, he is purposefully attempting to divert attention.  


As an example, what about a nationwide search for people of a certain religion, so that they can be rounded up.  Have you heard that story before?  Yes, it was a progressive socialist tyranny that did that.  Now we just want to round up those that believe in the Right to Determine what goes in their bodies!  


The diversion is also the “insurrection” on January 6th which has resulted in political prisoners denied bail, lawyers, family, charges and sunlight.  It should matter to every American the atrocities that are being leveled against American citizens; one would think Washington DC is a region of China.  

Biden demands that we not challenge the results of the election, it has been certified.  As Patriots, we should not doubt the election results.  But We the People must ensure that a corrupt federal bureaucracy did not intentionally steal the election.  This diversion is about the Election Results, they are false.  We cannot even impeach Joe Biden because he has not been duly elected.


How do I know?   I follow science, the US Census, the NY Times Presidential Results and Microsoft EXCEL.  There are some interesting numbers that require an explanation.


Between 2008 and 2020, 

NY 4% population increase  22% voter increase

NJ 7% population increase  17% voter increase

MA 8% population increase  18% voter increase

CA 8% population increase  43% voter increase

IL -1% population increase    9% voter increase

TX 20% population increase  40% voter increase

AZ 10% population increase  47% voter increase

PA 4% population increase  18% voter increase

WI 5% population increase  11% voter increase

GA 11% population increase  27% voter increase

MI 1% population increase  11% voter increase


Somehow States are receiving people more likely to vote than at anytime in history.  Really?  Or is the turn out the vote that effective?  Or is the voter fraud program that Biden bragged about really that effective?  If one takes the overvotes in the certified BLUE states, that produces a 5-million popular vote victory for Biden!  What is the truth?  Our freedoms and liberty depend on finding the answer, no matter what Biden says.


Tom Weaver, Patriot     ©7/22/21

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Tom Weaver
Tom Weaver hails from Fort Worth Texas and hopes to someday return home from his current residence in Massachusetts. Tom graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1974. He was a Surface Warfare Officer qualified as a Chief Nuclear Engineer, serving on the USS Virginia CGN-38 and the USS Texas CGN-39 until resigning his commission. Tom has a MSME from MIT. He has always been an engineer, working on flight engine certifications for GE, a brief stint in robotics and finally a life-long focus on cleaning industrial wastewater using a positive barrier solution. Throughout his children’s youth, Tom was an active coach and Scout leader. Tom created the Minutecub Muster Program, an historical training class where over 7,000 Cub Scouts learned how to become minutemen. Tom has read over 400 textbooks on government, Natural Law, philosophy, and history. He spends time providing lectures on any topic of Americas founding.

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