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Asymmetric Warfare - The Tyrants are Coming.
Tom Weaver 7/21/2021 10:02 AM


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In April of 1775, the Massachusetts Bay Colony was best known for the alert to tyranny – The British are Coming, or more correctly, the Regulars are Out.  It started with Paul Revere seeing two lamps in the North Church bell tower indicating that the British were going to cross the Charles River by barge versus traversing the neck of Boston.  Revere started his ride, William Dawes joined in and by the end of the night, there were over 10 riders, taking the message throughout Massachusetts and into neighboring Colonies.


Armed citizens answered the call.  They understood tyranny, they understood that the British had every intent of confiscating the few cannon in the area, and they were not going to let that happen.  They did not want to be controlled, they wanted freedom and the right to prosper.  


 The small town of Lexington stood ready, but they did not have a Minuteman Company because the citizens had not authorized the expenditure.  The militia Captain, John Parker organized his men that evening.  The contingent secured after muster and a few words of encouragement, retreating to the local Buckman tavern for drinks and mutual support.  What were they thinking?  As they had more cider and apple jack, perhaps they were wondering how they were going to beat the world Champions, they were only farmers!  How could the Lexington High School football team beat the New England Patriots?  


The next morning, the militia stood ready.  They faced the British who demanded that they disperse.  Suddenly a musket went off, no one knows who fired, but the lopsided battle started.  Perhaps there is a letter somewhere from Anna to her cousin recalling how embarrassed she was when Jerimiah passed out on the green due to drinking all night and then his musket went off.  Or perhaps not.  Eight Colonials died and many were wounded, including a black slave named Prince Estabrook.  Once he recovered from the shoulder wound, Prince served until the end of the war, and received his freedom and land.


The battle for freedom from tyrannical rule had become deadly.  That is history.


Today, the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are finding that the Tyrants are Coming, in the form of elected State Representatives and Senate members.  Yes, those on Beacon Hill who desire to control all aspects of life, for we the simple citizens.  Shucks, we still have corncob pipes and wipe our noses with the back of our hand.  Rest assured; this is much worse than Charlie getting trapped on the MBTA.


It has been announced that the Legislature wants to mandate vaccinations for all children older than 5 years, with or without parental approval, and without notifying the parents.  Say what?   It has been announced that the Legislature wants to mandate vaccinations for all children older than 5 years, with or without parental approval, and without notifying the parents!  And the governor wants to mandate masks for children aged 2 and above! (See footnote 1,5,6,7) 


The words that I would use cannot be written, but being a former Naval Officer and rugby player, rest assured there are some choice words available for the Massachusetts Legislature!  But they would not listen.  They are gods, they are Marxists, they want control.  The people of Massachusetts are going to get what they overwhelmingly voted for – institutional servitude.


We need to rise and protest, our voice needs to be heard, but seriously, they have ignored us for years.  


This plan is the equivalent to the Tuskegee Syphilis experiment, where black prisoners and sharecroppers were infected with syphilis.  Some were treated, some were not, but for years, records were kept detailing the agony as a man’s brain melted away. 


We need to rise and protest.  This plan is equivalent to the Jewish experiments in Germany, where vile medical research was conducted on Jewish members of the nation, even if they were veterans of the Great War.


This legislature, with the blessing a feckless governor, want to mandate all future vaccines as well.  


But wait, do we know the long-term effects of the Wuflu vaccine?  NO!   Is the vaccine still an experiment?  YES!  Is there any evidence that children under the age of 12 get the China Flu?  NOT REALLY!  Are there any documented cases of a child infecting grandma?  NO!  Are deaths rate from the Chinese Virus in the 2-30 range higher or lower than all the previous leading causes of death?  LOWER!  Are there preventative measures that can minimize the risk of the CCP flu?  YES.  Have the statistics surrounding all aspects of the KungFlu been manipulated to achieve governmental control? YES!


And now they are coming for the kids!  They do not care about the parents, they do not honor the family structure, they want control.  They feel it…


There will still be a religious exemption, unless that gets overthrown in direct violation of the Massachusetts Constitution.  But remember, the Constitution is just words on paper, where is the value? (See footnote 3, 4, 8)


If one chooses the religious exemption route, the plan is that the parent must sign a witnessed document recognizing that if the child does not get vaccinated, the child could infect other children and people could die!!  Biden has repeatedly said that the pandemic exists among the unvaccinated.  Now the State Legislature is saying that the vaccinated can be infected by the unvaccinated.  Which is it for crying out loud!


If you sign the document, then your name is entered on a database.  The next proposed step is obtaining a signature from a clergy member acknowledging that you are a person of faith and high moral fiber.  


Once that is accomplished and the clergy members name enters the database, the form must be taken to a doctor, a real doctor, not a Jill Biden doctor.  Exactly how many doctors will be willing to risk the database and sign the form?  Doctors should pack up and get the hell out of Dodge, as Marshall Dillon would say.


There is one more step, once everyone has signed and the updated database (more frequently than the voter database), a member of the Massachusetts deep state must approve!


This is tyranny!  Homes should go on sell today, do not wait, get the hell out of this State.  And sadly, it has been reported that some schools have vaccinated young children, without parental approval, just like Washington DC.  What the hell is going on? (See footnote 2)


The progressive socialist Marxist democrat idiots have ruined a complete State.  Why?  They believe in the reign of Satan, why else would they support the destruction of God-given rights and the family structure?


Tom Weaver, Patriot     ©7/21/21























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Tom Weaver
Tom Weaver hails from Fort Worth Texas and hopes to someday return home from his current residence in Massachusetts. Tom graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1974. He was a Surface Warfare Officer qualified as a Chief Nuclear Engineer, serving on the USS Virginia CGN-38 and the USS Texas CGN-39 until resigning his commission. Tom has a MSME from MIT. He has always been an engineer, working on flight engine certifications for GE, a brief stint in robotics and finally a life-long focus on cleaning industrial wastewater using a positive barrier solution. Throughout his children’s youth, Tom was an active coach and Scout leader. Tom created the Minutecub Muster Program, an historical training class where over 7,000 Cub Scouts learned how to become minutemen. Tom has read over 400 textbooks on government, Natural Law, philosophy, and history. He spends time providing lectures on any topic of Americas founding.

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