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As 'Audit Fever' Spreads, Dems Send in Attorney General Merrick Garland to Do Their Bidding
Elizabeth Vaughn 6/12/2021 9:26 AM


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As of today, political figures from the following states have toured the Maricopa County, Arizona, forensic audit site: Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Virginia, Oklahoma, Alaska, Utah, Nevada, Michigan, Colorado and Washington. More are expected.

Democrats from within and outside of Arizona have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at the Republicans in the state Senate to stop the audit. Having failed to do so, the Party has put on a full court press to discredit it.

On Friday, desperate Democrats sent in U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland to intimidate the state Senators. (Spoiler: He wasn't very scary.) During a policy speech about voting rights, Garland said: "We will apply the same scrutiny to post-election audits to ensure they abide by federal statutory requirements to protect election records, and avoid the intimidation of voters. In that regard, we will publish guidance explaining the civil and criminal statutes that apply to post-election audits. And we will likewise publish guidance with respect to early voting and voting by mail."

Garland's full remarks can be viewed here.

Someone needs to tell AG Garland that, unless the Democrats can pass the unconstitutional, power grab of a bill, the For the People Act, elections and any audits that may follow, are run by the states.

Garland's message is essentially identical to one delivered last month by DOJ Civil Rights Division Principle Deputy Assistant Attorney General Pamela Karlan. On May 5, Karlan wrote a letter to Karen Fann, the president of the Arizona state Senate, which can be viewed below. Karlan expressed the DOJ's concerns about ballot security and potential voter intimidation arising from this forensic audit. I wrote about this story here.

Karlan wrote to express the DOJ's concerns about ballot security and potential voter intimidation arising from the audit, specifically regarding “potential noncompliance with federal laws enforced by the Department.”

The first issue involved “reports suggesting that the ballots, election systems, and election materials that are subject of the Maricopa County audit are no longer under the ultimate control of state and local election officials, are not being adequately safeguarded by contractors at an insecure facility, and are at risk of being lost, stolen, altered, compromised or destroyed.”

The other concern had to do with measures the lead audit company, Cyber Ninjas, is taking “to identify voter registrations that did not make sense.” This includes knocking on doors to confirm if individuals actually live at these addresses.

Karlan worried this “may constitute intimidation of persons for voting or attempting to vote.”


Knowing from the onset that the results of their audit will be subjected to maximum scrutiny, particularly in the likely event that evidence of fraud is discovered, the Arizona state Senators have gone to extraordinary lengths to optimize transparency and ballot security. The Senators have been dragged into court on numerous occasions over the past couple of months by Democrats anxious to shut this down, and each time, judges have been given them a green light to proceed.

That said, if/when fraud is found, the DOJ will come up with some law or statute they will claim has been violated. I have no illusions that by the end of the year, President Trump will be sitting in the Oval Office. However, if the Maricopa County auditors, and auditors from other states find credible evidence of election fraud, the Democratic Party will be disgraced. President Biden's victory will be forever seen as stolen. Most importantly, the Democrats' radical agenda will be easier to fight and Republications will prevail in future elections.

Here's the latest update from Dr. Kelli Ward, the Chairman of the Republican Party in Arizona. Other items of interest related to the audit follow.


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