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It’s Past Time For RICO; Where is Elliot Ness When We Need Him?
Mike Ford 6/10/2021 4:02 PM

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A short time ago, my good friend and colleague Bonchie over at Red State asked, “Is there a more vindicated man on the planet right now than Rand Paul, at least politically speaking?”   Although in violent agreement with the vast majority of his piece, I did respond with who I thought has been far more vindicated and across a much wider range of statements and decisions. That person is of course, former President Donald John Trump. In my response, I enumerated a couple examples why I chose POTUS 45 for this honor.

That brings us to the cogent question: “What’s next and when?” I don’t believe the legal case against a re-instatement of President Trump, should enough of the state electoral audits generate sufficient cause to reverse their electoral votes, is as airtight as many would have us believe. Just because the Constitution is silent, or “It’s never been done before,” doesn’t preclude the possibility, no matter how small that possibility is.

So, taking the re-litigation of the election results off of the table for now, where does that leave us. It leaves us my friends, with the prosecution of hundreds of folks who through action or inaction skewed a Presidential election by knowingly promulgating false and deliberately misleading information. Some of that misinformation not only affected the results of the Presidential and 2 Senatorial elections but has clearly resulted in the preventable deaths of thousands of American citizens. At the same time, we almost totally destroyed our economy, losing millions of jobs, putting millions on public assistance and destroying countless small businesses. Let’s talk about all of those folks and where do they go to get their lives back? For some, it’s way too late. Either through succumbing to the disease itself, or the depression that accompanies the loss of everything you’ve worked for that leads you to do anything, anything at all to stop the pain, including voluntarily departing this mortal coil.

It’s time we held these people to account. It’s time we charge them criminally under RICO statutes. I’m not a huge fan of RICO, but if any circumstance demonstrates the corrupt coordination to conduct a vast criminal exercise, this is one for the books. Politicians, bureaucrats, media and big business acted both severally and in concert to undermine the efforts of a sitting President in dealing with a huge medical crisis, solely to prevent his lawful re-election.

Here are just a few examples. As I mentioned previously, Neil Cavuto went on a tirade on his TV show almost screaming that taking Hydroxychloroquine “will kill you!” HCQ (or it’s analogs) has been long used by the military as a Malaria preventive. If it were inherently dangerous, we’d probably know by now. HCQ had been shown in many cases to prevent Wuhan China Virus or mitigate the symptoms, if taken early on upon contracting the virus.

Then there were the draconian personal liberty measures, which ranged from forced lockdowns to mandatory wearing of masks, referred to by some of my colleagues as “face diapers.” In-person religious services were also forbidden under pain of arrest or imprisonment. Most of us were willing to give government some benefit of the doubt early on during the crisis. However, when one of the leaders of the response (Dr/COL Deborah Birx) went on national TV and pretty much gave guidance to reporting statesand hospitals to skew the numbers for deaths attributed to the China Virus, I among many others, started to have some serious doubts. 

As time went on and the lockdowns and mask mandates dragged along and preachers were arrested, it became apparent that none of these things were having the slightest positive effect on stopping the spread or diminishing fatalities. As more common sense started kicking in, especially regarding the efficacy of wearing a “face diaper,” the pushback began. The final straws on all of this, whether Wuhan virus connected or not, has been at first a trickle, but looking more and more like a torrent of information that is telling us, the Media, Big Tech, Government at all levels and locales (with some exceptions) got it all wrong and President Trump got it right.

I understand that under our system, Politicians are allowed to lie to the people. I don’t have to like that, but I get it. However, that doesn’t let members of the press (Cavuto) business (Twitter/Facebook, Google) or government bureaucrats (Fauci) for knowingly promulgating falsehoods and censoring the truth. I don’t look for these people to be in orange jumpsuits anytime soon. However, there is 2024. If we do take all the marbles, Congress and the Presidency, the question then becomes, “Will we be willing to govern?” Will we bring these people to justice? More on that shortly. Stay tuned.

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Mike Ford
Mike Ford is a retired Infantry Officer who writes mainly on Military and Foreign Policy, while occasionally dabbling in Political and Economic matters. Ford has widespread experience, ranging from military, local law enforcement and developing technology solutions for special operations applications.

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