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Where Do I Go To Get My Presidency Back?
Mike Ford 6/4/2021 5:05 PM

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Where do I go to get my Presidency back? That’s a takeoff on a question asked by Raymond J. Donovan, former Secretary of Labor under President Ronald Reagan. After leaving office, in what some believe to be a political prosecution (where have else have we seen that?) Donovan, along with several others, was indicted and tried for fraud and larceny in regard to a publicly funded construction project. All of the defendants including Donovan were acquitted. From Wikipedia (emphasis mine):

On May 25, 1987, Donovan (and all of the other defendants) were acquitted, after which Donovan was famously quoted as asking, "Which office do I go to to get my reputation back?"

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Labor Secretary Raymond J. Donovon, Image: Department of Labor

President Trump has to be asking the same question these days. Why is that? Simple. There is now a trickle, soon to become a torrent of news that validates pretty much everything President Trump said or did during his administrational of which was lied about by Big Tech social media platform censors, the legacy media and surprise, surprise, Democrat politicians and their RINO enablers. 

Here is a partial, by no means complete, list, centered just around the subject of the Wuhan China virus, which lies about his handling of, arguably prevented his landslide victory 2020:

President Trump posited innovative and cost effective  treatments for the Wuhan China virus, including Ultraviolet, Hydroxychloroquine and even the possibility of some sort of internal disinfectant. The press egged on by his political opposition accused him of urging people to drink Lysol ™. Neil Cavuto went on a tirade on Fox News about how dangerous Hydroxychloroquine was and that it would “kill you.” That’s right. He said that a drug (or its analogs) commonly used for decades as an anti-malarial by millions of U.S servicemen and has been in the worldwide market for so long that it is off patent, “will kill you!”


Well, as I wrote in an earlier piece, when it comes to internal disinfectants and the use of Ultraviolet light, President Trump was right. 

Read: Trump Rolls The Media Again, This Time About Disinfectants


Hydrogen Peroxide has been approved for internal use for some time now as a disinfectant. Ultraviolet light is also being tested for such applications. Cavuto’s rant on Hydroxychloroquine is of course, self evidently wrong. In his particular case, his remarks might be cause for a civil suit. More to follow on that one.

Trump was roundly decried by the usual suspects for positing the idea that the Wuhan virus had escaped from a lab in China as opposed to “jumping” from some bat or other animal in a local “wet market.” His habit of calling it the “China virus,” was also criticized by the mewling leftists throughout the World as being go figure, “Racist!” It’s as if at no time in human history, have we ever named diseases by where they came from…West Nile Virus, Lyme disease and African Trypanosomiasis (Sleeping Sickness) to name just three out of dozens. 

Turns out, once again, Trump was prescient and was thinking what we all were thinking. It looks like a tranche of emails gained under FOIA statutes, show that Dr Fauci was saying one thing to the public (and against his President) while saying other things privately via emails…one of which was his opinion regarding the source of the Wuhan Virus. As always, he was aided and abetted by the legacy media and the (not so) “scientific" community. My good friend and colleague Elizabeth Vaughn, wrote a stellar piece on just how far out they were willing to put themselves fomenting this lie.

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These are only a few of the instances in one very specific, if hugely significant are where President Trump was right, but a cacophony of leftist lies, drowned out the truth.

Is there a more vindicated man on the planet right now than Rand Paul, at least politically speaking? The Kentucky senator has been maligned by the media, used as a foil to Dr. Anthony Fauci, for months now. Every time Paul would pin down Fauci during a Senate hearing, the press would run to report it as “Fauci smashes Paul” despite that never objectively happening.

Is the question asked by good friend and colleague Bonchie over at Red State. Read: Rand Paul Responds to the Bombshell Fauci E-Mails

I would submit to my buddy that there just might be. That man would be President Donald John Trump. In the next few months and despite leftist efforts to divert, deflect and deny, more and more evidence of this will come out. In this piece, we addressed a few aspects of the disinformation campaign regarding the Wuhan China virus. 

Going forward, we will address Big Tech, the legacy media and their efforts to undermine a sitting President, not only in his efforts to fight a serious pandemic, but also their active operations to deliberately misinform the American public. If the Republicans ever grow a spine, I see the real possibility of RICO actions and large civil suits. Stay tuned.


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Mike Ford
Mike Ford is a retired Infantry Officer who writes mainly on Military and Foreign Policy, while occasionally dabbling in Political and Economic matters. Ford has widespread experience, ranging from military, local law enforcement and developing technology solutions for special operations applications.

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