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Awake Since 2008: By Citizen Writer, Alma Womack
American Citizen 6/10/2021 1:57 PM


Awake Since 2008 By Citizen Writer Alma Womack

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At least three times a week I will get an article from someone telling me to “Wake Up!” to the rapid decline of the United States of America, from a Constitutional Republic to a communist government. Well, I have been awake since 2008 when the communist Obama declared to the nation, three days before his inauguration, that “We are three days from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

   When I heard that, I knew that my initial reaction to Obama was justified: he was set to destroy our country, with his big smile, his smooth voice, his teleprompter and his empty eyes. He obviously hated America and all that it stood for at the time; he wanted to fundamentally turn it into something else, “something else” being socialism, then communism.

    Rush Limbaugh summed it best: “I hope he fails, because if he fails, America wins. If he is successful, America will be harmed beyond any of our imaginings.” Limbaugh was roundly criticized and castigated for this remark by the mainstream media, whose chant became, “Give him a chance.” It was repeated so often that those who got their news from the MSM would go around saying those words, “give him a chance.”

    I found out then how susceptible people are to fair sounding words, even though those words are backed by an ideology designed to tear down and destroy. When I stopped by our CC Planters Gin in Jonesville, the day after the election, those very words, “give him a chance,” was coming from the mouths of all those conservative cotton farmers. They all watched MSM news; I was the only one who had listened to Limbaugh explain how Obama’s winning meant our destruction. I remember telling them all that they would learn to rue the day that they had ever considered such an attitude, but hey, what did I know.

    Here we are now, thirteen years after that 2008 election when the decline of America as a republic has been so rapid that we can scarcely believe what we are seeing. Nearly 80 million, or more, people turned out in November 2020, to vote for the man who was restoring America, Donald J. Trump. But fraud, corruption, cheating, rigged voting machines, all at the hands of the demoncrats, stole that election, and put a dementia patient in the White House, and a pure communist in the vice presidency. 

   Their plan to destroy the constitutional republic had been halted in 2016, when Trump defeated their chosen successor to Obama, Hillary Clinton, in the presidential election. Their plan was to have eight years of Obama, then eight years of Hillary, and in those sixteen years, the fundamental transformation of America would have been complete. Along came a man who loved America and the American people, and the nation responded to his positive outlook by overwhelmingly electing him over the chosen one, Hillary. When he ran again, even more people turned out to vote for him to continue his program of “America First,” but the communists were ready this time, and a coup of the election was accomplished.

    Trump never conceded the election; when our vaunted congressmen and senators had the chance to throw out the fraudulent election results, they backed down. When they could have saved this country from the degrading mess that it is now, they folded like a cheap chair in the dollar bin. The not so Supreme Court, led by the cowardly John Roberts refused, and continues to refuse, to hear any states’ cases proving the election fraud.

    When the American people cannot depend on their elected officials to stand for them, or when the Supreme Court is nothing more than spineless collection of black robed cowards, what are the American people to do to save their country? “Waking Up” now is a bit late, but perhaps it’s a case of better late than never. 

    I always said that if I were an American terrorist, the first thing I’d do would be to take out the MSM headquarters in New York, for it is this handful of people that spew out the hatred for our country every day. They hate America, Americans, liberty and freedom, as their daily broadcasts so clearly show. Shutting down their vitriol would be a great start in restoring confidence in this country and in our basically good people. They paint those who believe in the Constitution, free and fair elections, true justice, freedom, as demented relics from a time gone by. They have a stranglehold on the true news and will only parrot talking points from those in power.

    No longer do I watch the news on even the good stations of OANN and Newsmax; all it does is make me ill and put me in a foul mood. Being “awoke” all this time has made me tired and dispirited, for I can only do so much to warn people, who have neither the time nor energy to care about anything that is not a topic on Facebook. Like Candide, it seems the best thing that I can do now is to tend my garden.

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