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Once Upon a Time, By Citizen Writer, Alma Womack
American Citizen 6/8/2021 2:27 PM

Once upon a time, I used to watch the news on TV. I didn’t keep the set on all day long like some of my friends, just watched early morning and late afternoon shows to get the news of the day. That practice has ended. The news, even on the good station of OANN, is now no more than just a litany of atrocities from the Biden/Harris led cabal of communists in Washington, D.C., and their counterparts in states across the nation.


Good governors, like Ron DeSantis of Florida, who are leading their states to have a normal life again, are vilified by the rest of the media in the nation; people who stand up for America and the Constitution are routinely lied about while those set out to destroy America are considered Woke.


In my world, woke rhymes with joke, yoke, and choke, for that’s the true essence of being woke. The whole concept is an ill-conceived JOKE, for the real world doesn’t work on the assumptions of these small-brained people. Being woke is also a YOKE placed around the neck of reasonable people, just trying to work to support their families by going to work every day, being responsible to their communities and their country. The “woke movement” or whatever in the devil it is, is also meant to CHOKE us all with the asinine political correctness that is preached to us day and night through television shows, advertisements during these shows, demoncrat politicians, news people, sports figures, etc.


Here’s an example. I watch re-runs of some shows that I never bothered to watch when they were on the major networks, twenty years ago. Since the working conditions of my life have changed since that time, I will now watch two shows, “Criminal Minds” and “Law and Order, SVU.” The characters on both shows are interesting to me, for they are certainly not the kind of people I have ever encountered in real life.


The duo of Stabler and Benson on “Law and Order” became particular favorites, and when Stabler left the series, it was sad to see him go. But, last week on the current show, Stabler was set to return. I set my DVR to record this momentous event, to watch later when there was more time. It started off okay, Stabler made a dramatic entrance, and although he looked really older, it was still good to see him back. Then the dialog began. Some kind of disturbance had been caused by “those right wing zealots” who led the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6th, and who “believed that the election results were a fraud.” That did it. No hesitation on my part; I hit the red <DELETE> button immediately. The end of any watching the current shows of SVU. It’s bad enough to have the news media repeat this garbage all the time without having a television show, for heaven’s sake, fall into the same trap.


My news now comes from the Internet sites of Whatfinger, Lucianne and Breitbart. I try to read the headlines every day, but even that has become hard going. For instance, everyone has now heard about the stupid move by Major League Baseball to remove the All-Star game from Atlanta, because Georgia tried to tighten up the voter laws that led to fraud and corruption on a gigantic scale in the 2020 election.


Never mind that Atlanta is a majority black city and that the city will be losing upwards of over a hundred and fifty million dollars due to the loss of this game. The losses are to hotels, vendors, restaurants, etc., owned by citizens trying to make a living. Atlanta wasn’t given a chance to defend its citizens and their businesses. No, they were slapped down as though they had personally tried to tighten voter laws in the state, which, by the way, are definitely needed.


The three main culprits pushing this abandonment of Atlanta have been identified: the awful failed gubernatorial candidate, Stacey Abrams; civil rights antagonizer and mega-racist, Al Sharpton, and the basketball player who thinks because he can shoot a basketball that his opinion off the court counts as words from God Almighty, Lebron James. All are “woke” racists, who turned on the people in Atlanta, who were only looking forward to a good payday from the All-Star Game. Anyone who believes anything that these race hustlers preach is pathetic. Looks like the baseball official who met with them was a spineless weakling not willing to laugh in their faces at the audacity of their demands. Disgusting they all are.

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