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A Mother In Mourning by Citizen Writer, Silas Dogood
American Citizen 6/4/2021 2:06 PM

The Democrat party, well known as the party lacking in morals, interest in civil rights, and the rule of law, has achieved a new and disgusting low.  They are using a mother in mourning for her son as a tool to promote Democrat party politics.

It has been clear for decades that the sole interest of the Democrat party is to gain and maintain power in Washington. However, their actions in attempting to create a new witch hunt over the Jan 6 riot is a new low even for them. Brian Sicknick died a day after the riot, of natural causes (multiple strokes).  His cause of death was known from the start to be natural causes, even his mother had stated as much. But thanks to Democrat pressure, specifically Nancy Pelosi, it was announced that he died of injuries suffered in the riot even before the results of the autopsy had even come in.  While his death was being investigated, Nancy Pelosi insisted on a state funeral in the Rotunda for Sicknick in order to promote the false claim that Sicknick had died fighting the pro-Trump rioters.  As we know now, the only person to die in the riot was Ashli Babbit, who was shot for no apparent reason by a plain clothes capital police officer.

Despite the facts, Nancy Pelosi brought Gladys Sicknick, mother of Brian, to the capital to lobby for a congressional commission to investigate the riot. Mrs Sicknick stated that she could no longer 'remain silent' on the subject. But why couldn’t Mrs Sicknick remain silent?  Why was Mrs Sicknick brought to the capital?  Did Pelosi threaten her pension as Sicknick's surviving relative?  Are the insurance payments different between dying while on active duty and dying from injuries suffered on active duty?  Did the Pelosi threaten those payments?  It would be entirely within character for Pelosi to engage in this sort of blackmail in order to get someone else to lobby for her lies.

Even if Mrs Sicknick was telling the truth, that coming to the capital to spread a false narrative was her idea, it takes a party completely lacking in any sort of morality to use a mother in mourning in this way. No decent person would use the mother of a son that died so tragically as a tool in a base political maneuver.

REV Emmanuel Cleaver (DEM, MO), you are an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church.  The same denomination I belong to.  How can you, as a minister, condone the use of a mother in mourning as a tool of the party? Especially as a tool for spreading a lie? Christ has a special place in his heart for mothers, and often spoke of treating them well, especially those in mourning.  How can you allow your party to use this woman to spread lies for political gain? Christ said 'the truth shall make you free'.  Nothing good can come from asking a mother to spread lies about her dead son.  I realize that the Democrat party has long since abandoned any form of human decency, but I had hoped that as a minister you still retained at least the semblance.  Are you going to allow your party to engage in this travesty without comment? Every Missourian I know has a conscience that could not possible condone this conduct by the Democrat party.  As minister in the Church you have a special duty to stand up for basic human decency. If you fail to stand up and condemn these actions by your party, you are blessing them. Right now, you are sitting down.

Perhaps if the Democrats promised to investigate all deaths surrounding the riot, including the death of Mrs Babbit, they could claim some moral authority to demand an investigation. But even so, there can be no excuse for, and no good result from, using grieving mother as a tool for political advantage. 

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