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A Nobel Prize for Trump? By Citizen Writer, Richard Jack Rail
American Citizen 6/4/2021 12:44 PM

It's a bit amazing that we hear nothing at all about Trump's astonishing successes in Korea and the Middle East. It takes no effort to remember that four years ago Kim Jong un was scaring the world by shooting rockets over Japan, exploding nukes underground and acting all belligerent. Confrontation was his game, and everybody was wary and worried.  Donald Trump gave China a chance to solve the Korea problem and, after the Chinese failed, said he would "take care of it."

He did.  Since Trump, there have been no more rockets, no more bombs, no more confrontational blather about beating us up.  Trump brought Kim to the bargaining table, something no one thought possible, and Kim's guys actually spoke in reasonable tones when they got to that table.

Similarly in the Middle East. All those years we were told that the Palestinians had to be part of any solution. Then Donald Trump sent Jared Kushner over yonder and the Boy Wonder came home with a package deal for peace that excluded the Palestinians but included Israel’s right to exist, both of which points John Kerry had assured us were fundamental planks for any MidEast peace platform.

Donald Trump had noticed something about the Middle East that had escaped the cognoscenti: Nobody who lived over there had any special feeling for troublemakers, Muslim or otherwise. In fact, it turned out that Middle Eastern Muslims were as fed up with the Palestinians as the rest of the world was.

Either of these accomplishments, North Korea or Middle East, was Nobel Peace Prizeworthy, but there hasn't even been any talk about it.  It's as though Kim and the Palestinians had always been model citizens, had never threatened their neighbors or behaved crazily.  But they did.

Donald Trump fixed generational diplomatic problems everyone else thought unfixable.  Problems that dated back to Kim Il sung and Chaim Weizmann, respectively. And he did it without breaking a sweat.

It's long been suspected that the Nobel Committee had gone idiot communist on us, but it may be worse than that. By awarding the Nobel to barely-in-office Barack Obama while ignoring Trump's extraordinary feats, the committee shows that the Nobel Peace Prize is a bad joke, awarded to good little commies for correct behavior, rather than to responsible adults for honest achievement in the real world.

Fact is, the degraded Nobel Prize isn't worthy of President Trump. It's not certain he would even accept a Nobel Peace Prize if offered, but he might send someone to accept on his behalf – Stephanie Clifford comes to mind.

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