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Just Like That: By Citizen Writer, Alma Womack
American Citizen 6/1/2021 12:22 PM

Last year, about this time, I wrote that as Forrest Gump would say, “And just like that, nobody was worried about the corona virus anymore.” Something had pushed it off the fake news media, twenty four hours a day. Something was protests and riots and the destruction of small businesses and the disruption of daily life for millions, and the killing of police and innocent people.


Something was led by Antifa and BLM; they led the crowds of protesters in many cities, and their leadership was brutal to minority businesses and homes. First they broke the glass windows and doors of businesses, then the peaceful protesters couldn’t resist the free loot and the looting began. Then the fires followed, making sure that these businesses wouldn’t be reopening soon, if at all. The cities and states affected were run by demoncrats who predictably told the police to stand down, just let the thugs run wild.


Why such an outpouring of vitriol and violence, when everyone in America agreed that the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis should not have happened, and the cops in question should be brought to task. The black communities didn’t kill Floyd, but they are the ones that suffered first. Then the riots spread to destroy downtown businesses, many of whom contribute to the left wing radical groups to appease them.


After over a week of this horror, the weekend violence was called “protests” instead of what it really was: rioting, burning, looting, and murders. The truly corrupt, vile main stream media couldn’t have the riots called what they really were-unleashed anarchy. 


But while the riots were still happening, here came the howlers and shriekers with the same old, same old, that we have heard for decades, after Rodney King, Ferguson, Baltimore, ad nauseum. Every time a thug like the guy in Ferguson gets killed resisting police orders, people go crazy for a while. The protests started last May over the death of Floyd in Minneapolis, who it appears was full of fentanyl, meth, had a heart condition, etc. Competent examiners have doubted that he was asphyxiated by the knee on his neck, but rather that because of the deadly chemicals in his system, he died of heart failure from a type of hysteria caused by the drugs. Other non-examining examiners claim otherwise, based on their “feelings.”


Too bad that people couldn’t have waited for the “rest of the story,” but the truth doesn’t matter to anarchists. So what if hundreds of black businesses were destroyed by the rioters? So what if Target and other major stores were destroyed and will not be back in those burned out areas? What does it matter to the anarchists who only want to destroy everything in their path, so that they can bring down our country?


Anyone who thinks that the anarchists, Antifa and BLM, are truly concerned by the death of a minor criminal in Minneapolis is as deluded as those who believed that they had to stay confined to their houses while their jobs disappeared, their savings were used, their children missed months of schools, and they couldn’t get basic services-all because of a fake pandemic.


As with the riots of former years, everyone wants to understand the angst of the protestors, to form the 10,000th bi-racial council to work on racism, and oh, yes, to get the federal government to send money to the burned out cities. Would you be surprised to learn that over 200 major companies in the United States contributed hefty sums to Antifa and BLM? That these domestic terrorists have multi-millions of dollars to use to turn around and destroy the very businesses that have paid what can only be called hush money? Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes, Target, and Wal Mart are just five of these companies that contribute to the very people who will burn them out in a New York minute. I suppose it takes lots o’ money to finance a spontaneous riot.


Since the 1960’s, trillions of American taxpayer dollars have been used to fund every type of program imaginable to uplift those mired in poverty, but nothing seems to have worked. All this money has done is to destroy the black families that once were strong; it has created a permanent welfare class of single mothers and absent fathers. It has undermined the American values of education, work, responsibility, decency, and honor, but that is exactly what all these trillions were intended to do. Make black families, absent the father, dependent on the government. Keep them down and dumb, and they’ll be a permanent vote for any demoncrat that runs for any office. 


Donald Trump made inroads in this ‘safe’ demoncrat base, by treating his black fellow Americans with the same respect that he had for all Americans. His policies put more minority people in the workforce than ever before, until the faux pandemic came along. And that’s one of the reasons that the fake media, the information wing of the demoncrat party, hated him. He helped the people that they wanted to keep in the chains of ghettos and welfare lines. He showed people that pride in a job well done is uplifting and rewarding. But instead of being applauded for treating everyone equally, by giving them a chance to improve their lives, he was vilified by the ones holding the chains on the population in the inner cities.


And after a year of hoopla over George Floyd, here’s the real truth on that varmint: three car thefts, multiple illegal trespasses, an ongoing cocaine and alcohol addiction, committing two violent home invasions, three armed robberies, dealing Fentanyl and Meth, passing counterfeit money, beating four victims senseless and being arrested twenty three (23) times since 1998, George Floyd hasn’t committed a crime in over one year now. But his death did net his family $27 million from the state of Minnesota and $20 million from a Go Fund Me account.* (information courtesy of a great Texas patriot, Yates Parker)


Gentle readers, all this mayhem is more than race riots and burning buildings. It is the tactics of communists being used the world over, to take down capitalism and America in particular. The useful idiots are the ones you see leading the riots now, but their masters will dispose of them when the takeover is complete, as they hope it will be. All that stood between us and a communist world order was America led by Donald Trump. That’s why he had to go.


If truth mattered, Donald Trump would be serving his second term in office, Hillary Clinton and the cabal of willing co-conspirators would be in jail, Big Tech Oligarchs would be dethroned, with BLM and Antifa being recognized as the terrorist entities they are...and black Americans would be kissing the cloth of the American flag that has given all Americans, regardless of color, race, national origin, gender or religion...the greatest equal life of opportunity imaginable.






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