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The New Satanists: By Citizen Writer, Silas Dogood
American Citizen 5/29/2021 11:50 AM

Recently NPR published a story examining how the Q-ANON conspiracy theorists are now the new Satanists. In so doing, NPR is bringing back memories of the 1980s and the panic over 'Satanists' sacrificing animals and children to the devil.  This fear culminated in the McMartin Pre-school trial, where two people were convicted and sent to jail based on the recovered memories of young children. It was later determined that these memories were false, planted by the psychologists interviewing the children. Later people realized that the entire Satanist panic that had been gripping the country was baseless. Looking back on it today, it's hard to believe how perfectly respectable police, FBI, and prosecutors believed these Satanist groups actually existed.

NPR is right about one thing in this story. There is a panic gripping the country similar to the Satanist stories. But they are wrong about the source.  Itís not Q-ANON. Its NPR, CNN, NBC, and others, pushing the 'white supremacist terrorist' conspiracy theory.

The Satanist story was accepted in police departments and prosecutorís offices across the country, with police even being taught in seminars how to recognize the symbols of satanism.  This despite the fact that there were never more than a few nutcases around the country that actually worshipped Satan.  Looking back, it's seems incredible how scared some people were. Prosecutors held press conferences on the subject, and law enforcement held seminars on how to recognize satanic symbolism.

Today we have the FBI, congress, prosecutors, and police officers around the country talking about white supremacists, even to the point of the DOD creating commissars to report on US soldiers who express white supremacist beliefs on their own social media pages. The FBI is holding seminars, and local police departments have been told to watch for it in their ranks.  Sound familiar?

Yet, when we look at the history, what do we see?  There were 50 murders by 'white supremacists' 2018.  Eleven of those were in a single mass shooting in a Pittsburgh synagogue, but thatís not even a bloody weekend in Chicago.  According to the FBI, there were 49 homicides in 26 racist attacks from 2000 to 2016.  And a close look at all but one or two of those cases show that the killings were over the selling of illegal drugs, or other conflicts by criminal gangs that claimed to be white supremacists or NAZIs.  But the murders themselves were typical fallings out among criminals.  And even if we look at those gang murders as racist, it was only percentage-wise that the numbers went up. With numbers that small, even a single additional murder shows up as a significant percentage. The last white supremacist actually caught in the act of committing some sort of bias related crime was the driver of the car in in Charlottesville, James Fields.  One event in the last five years.

The FBI has announced they are investigating satanism white supremacism as a threat to national security.  The currently popular idea is to blame the Jan 6 riot the US capital on 'white supremacists', without any evidence of that claim at all.  They point to the 'Proud Boys' in the attack, and donít even realize the Proud Boys are led by a person of color.  The Democrats desperately attempt to claim huge monetary damages because of the riot, 20 million dollars or more. But if you look at those claims, more than half of that cost is psychological counseling of the officers at the capital.  Really, officers need counseling after doing their job? To the tune of 10 million dollars?  Clearly the counselors are on a government contract. 

The riots in Portland caused over $20 million in physical damages to businesses alone. In several cities, rioters declared autonomous zones or police free zones.  Thatís clearly not white supremacism, but it does appear to be an actual insurrection. Insurrection is defined as rebelling against legal authority to create a new government. How is declaring themselves as autonomous or police free zones not insurrection, but a riot at the capital, that resulted in a bunch of people taking selfies inside the capital building then leaving, insurrection?

Rioters throughout the country have caused hundreds of million damages, and at least 25 were killed in 2020due to the BLM riots.  Perhaps 17 were killed by white supremacists, though once again those were primarily drug crimes, or by those who were mentally disturbed, not actually white supremacists.  But if you point out these numbers, the left will immediately point to the single person killed by a car in the Charlottesville rioting.  No, the left wing in the US has never been very good at math. And apparently, they now control law enforcement at the federal level.

So now, instead of concentrating on real crime, federal law enforcement is again hunting for Satanists far-right extremists that barely exist, while ignoring the far-left extremism that is happening every day in this country. Perhaps the Democrats should have the FBI look around and find a few Exorcists to get rid of those far-right extremist threats, or perhaps a few Unicorn hunters. The evidence suggests that they would be more effective.

As a side note, because of the current panic, I am publishing this under a pen name.  I donít really float very well, when the FBI throws me into the water to see whether I sink or float, I will sink. is always looking for new talent to keep our content fresh and relevant. If you believe that you or someone you know has a topic of interest, please contact our Managing Editor at:


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