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America’s Ideological War, By Citizen Writer, Alma Womack
American Citizen 5/24/2021 9:05 AM


Like it or not, gentle readers, we are engaged in a war for control of the United States against an ideological mob of domestic terrorists. They have the news media, the demoncrat party, and cowardly republicans on their side against Us, the working people of this great country.


How many demoncrat politicians in Washington have you heard decry the mob activities of destroying our history and our heritage when they pull down the statues of America’s founding fathers, Washington and Jefferson? Oh, it was okay with lots of people to start with Confederate soldier statues, because they were all on the losing side in the War Between the States and deserved to be destroyed.

But then, the ignorant fools started pulling down the statues of the men who fought against the Confederacy, memorials to white and black alike. That felt so good and was allowed to go unchecked that they then went after statues of Presidents Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, Jackson. Now they’re after Teddy Roosevelt, simply because he’s there. And don’t forget Christopher Columbus and the statues of saints and the Virgin Mary; all offensive to the communist thugs let loose in our cities.


Ever see a child have a screaming, stomping, hissy fit, and his parent just stood there saying soothing words, “Now, now, little Johnny, that’s not nice and we don’t act like that,” instead of jerking him to attention and giving him what fer?

That’s exactly what is happening now with these evil anarchists, going about our cities, tearing down statues, looting and burning neighborhoods, destroying the lives of ordinary people. And what do the leaders of the cities and states do where these anarchists are running rampant? They sign on to the message of the mob and let them ruin the lives of those they claim to support.


We regular Americans are sick of it, sick and tired and ready for someone in these mob run cities to step up and stop the mob. But they won’t, and neither will their governors, because the mob is the front arm of the demoncrat party that is in control of these cities and states. The devil in in me says tough luck to those cities being ruined, because the fools who live there voted these socialist hacks into office. What was it the feckless criminal obama used to say when he broke the Constitution on a regular basis? Oh, yes, “elections have consequences,” and now the consequences of electing spineless people to positions of power is proving that every day.


It looks like it will be up to the American people to stand up to the mobs and protect our cities and our country. While the liberal run cities burn, the mob grows braver and starts to look outside the city limits for their next targets. We must be ready for them, by supporting our local and state police and our National Guard units, those people who will be called upon first to quell the planned destruction. Then we must be ready ourselves, to defend our families and our homes and towns, should the anarchists branch out to what is always derisively called “flyover America.”


Do you ever notice who’s leading these mobs? They have a few token BLM people, but it is mostly white radicals leading the charge. Take a good look at them, scruffy, foul-mouthed sons and daughters of liberal parents, products of Marxist professors from schools that charge thousands of dollars to indoctrinate the empty heads. They lead those who thought they were protesting over the death of George Floyd, but ended up just rioting and looting their own neighborhoods. I declare, if the F word was ever banned, these people couldn’t put a sentence together. They are disgusting for their language and their radical one-thought minds: destroy whatever is in reach.


It is so dismaying to see them all allowed to desecrate and tear down our monuments that were paid for by private citizens, when they were erected. That is our history, like or not, but it is OUR American history that they are trying to eradicate. They start with statues and buildings, but they won’t stop there. Unchecked, they will be encouraged by the inaction of city and state leaders, to go after unarmed citizens next. It is the way of mob rule and anarchy. Watch and be prepared. 


One final thought: what is worse, the political party that condones and supports violence, or the one that sits in silence and does nothing.





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