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I told You So, By Citizen Writer, Alma Womack
American Citizen 5/19/2021 3:04 PM


People like me are savers.  We save old picture frames, old pots and pans, old rakes and hoes, for those things were well made, in America, and there's no point in replacing them with inferior Chinese products.  I save old articles that I have written, too, in case a curious grandchild might one day want to see "what did Emma think about in the old days."


Well, back in March 2020, I was watching people going absolutely crazy over a virus that truly didn't look to be any worse than the seasonal flu, that routinely killed millions of people around the world, but was hardly in the league with the epidemics in the early part of the twentieth century.  I made some predictions then, sitting down here on Black River, and it appears that they all came true, and I say that with regret..  Just read the ruminations and see if I was, as they say now, "Spot On."


March 2020:

Did you know that millions of Americans are now or- soon will be-suffering from sinus problems, because the plants will be leafing out and blooming and putting pollen in the air? Quick! Hurry to the store and buy some toilet paper so you’ll be protected! Clean off the shelves of bread, buy up all the meat, and be sure to get a few jugs of Clorox, even if you have to jerk it out of some old person’s hands. Allergens are going to be in the air everywhere, and there’s nothing you can do but breathe them in, putting your sinuses at great risk. But while your head is stopped up, you’ll have loads of toilet paper to ease your mind.


Paranoia is what is sweeping the nation, and it is a heck of a lot more dangerous than something akin to a bad cold. Regular flu, swine flu, Sars, ebola, etc., we’ve recovered from them all for a long, long time. In the early part of the twentieth century, around the time of WWI, there were epidemics of Spanish flu and pneumonia. These diseases killed people in the millions because there were no medications to help people or no real knowledge to even guess what to do to stop these true pandemics.


My maternal grandmother was born in 1911, so she was a youngster in the pneumonia epidemics of 1917-1919. She had older brothers and sisters, and at one time, several were sick in bed with the dreaded virus. One of her brothers died, and her sick sister insisted on going to her brother’s funeral. Two days later, they were burying her, another pneumonia fatality. This happened in families all over the country, multiple deaths because of this awful disease. 


There is not a tragedy of that magnitude enveloping the country now, March 2020. Unless, of course, the demoncrats can use it to destroy Trump; then it will continue till election day. I will even venture to say that it will be the “official” cause of death whether it is or not, mostly not.


What I do fear is that people, so easily led, so acquiescent, will be jumping off cliffs because the politicians and the news media say they should. And no, gentle reader, I do not mean literally jumping off cliffs. But they will surrender their common sense, gumption if you will, and hold up in their houses, waiting for the government to save them. 


Here’s how I see it, listening to all the propaganda as I sit in the blue swing in the live oak tree. The media and the communist/demoncrats have been after Donald J. Trump ever since he defeated Her Royal Highness, Felonious Von Pantsuit ( thanks, Kurt Schlichter ) for president of the United States in November, 2016. They have tried to prove Russian collusion in the election, but found only that the Russians were in Hillary’s corner; they tried impeachment over something so stupid that they became a laughingstock to the world, only to see the President acquitted. They have openly admitted that they want the economy, Trump’s greatest achievement, to tank and bring on economic hysteria to the country. Doesn’t matter what happens to the country, which means the citizens of the country, so long as Donald J. Trump is made to look as bad as possible. Let the stock market crash, watch businesses fold, see people back in the Obama unemployment lines, because all that will destroy Trump’s chance for re-election this November. These cretins are a prime example of the old saying, “Cutting off your nose to spite your face.”


Nothing they’ve tried has worked, until the Wuhan Virus started swirling around China, then began spreading to other countries. It has infected and killed far fewer people than the swine flu did in 2010, but by golly, it is something to blame on Trump. Don’t ask me how this is his fault, but the media and the communist/demoncrats have preached this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, since they first got an inkling that the virus had killed people in China.


People have gone absolutely crazy in this country. That fool governor of ours, a pure demoncrat if there ever was one, has shut down schools for a month, even though there’s no virus here. Great move, Guv; your education department is doing its best to keep the kids dumb with Common Core by another name. Making them stay home is even better to mess with their schooling.


Nationwide, no professional sports, no NCAA sports, colleges closed till further notice; churches canceling services, businesses shuttered, employees by the millions sent home. The stock market lost 6,000 points before rebounding on Friday. Hallelujah, brothers, we’ve got Trump now. Whichever geriatric, senile old white man the Dems run in November, is surely to defeat the most hated president in history, who, by the way, has truly Made America Great Again.


They are doing everything that they can to keep people from looking at Pathetic Joe, as he bumbles his way to the demoncrat nomination. Really, I can’t say that I blame them. The demoncrat party that is SO inclusive, so multi-cultured, so diverse, so against God, babies and common sense, so pro-pervert, so pro-woman, that is having to choose between two old, senile, millionaire white men, to carry their banner in the fall. If I were them, I’d rather talk about the Woo-Hoo virus, too.


Maybe which ever old varmint wins the nomination can name Ru-Paul as his Vice-Presidential candidate. He/she/it can cover a lot of their bases that certainly will not be represented in the lead position, come November.




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