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What happened to the FBI?
Silas Dogood 7/22/2021 9:10 AM


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As a child, one of my favorite TV shows was FBI. Efrem Zimbalest Jr could be counted on to track down and capture or kill the bad guys within an hour every Sunday night. And after the show we would see the list of the FBI's ten most wanted fugitives.

But then there was Ruby Ridge.  The question about Ruby Ridge no one has seen fit to answer even after 30 years is this:  Why didnít they kill even a single armed adult male?  The FBI was told they could shoot any armed adult male.  This was illegal, but that was their guidance.  Yet after the whole horrible incident was over, a 12 year old boy had been killed. And a woman holding a baby. But not a single armed adult male had been killed. Are FBI snipers that bad? That was the first time people really started to question the federal law enforcement as exemplified by the FBI. To this day, not a single person in a position to get the answer has asked 'why was the FBI unable to shoot any adult males at Ruby Ridge?'.

Later there was Waco. The leader at Waco, David Korresh, was a charismatic preacher with a fanatic following.  How many more red flags did the FBI need? The warnings about martyrdom and suicide should have been screaming in the heads of the FBI and other federal officials.  Instead they decided to 'increase the pressure'. And we saw the results. Dozens of children killed primarily due to the incompetence of the federal assault.

Then came 9-11.  Multiple red flag warnings were received and ignored.  I will grant the FBI the benefit of the doubt on the actual event. I am not sure anyone could have predicted driving airplanes into the WTC. Even though the WTC was a known target for years. 

But in the post 9-11 world the FBI started chasing terrorists inside the US.  We heard quite a bit about the FBI chasing terrorists in the US.  But invariably when the stories came out, we hear that the FBI has provided fake explosives. Or guns without firing pins or whatever. Leaving open the question of just how much of the plot came from the FBI and did any of it actually come from the people they charged with the act of terrorism?

Recently it has even come out that of the half dozen or men accused of attempting to kidnap the Michigan governor, at least two of them were actually FBI plants. Two of six.  Kind of a high percentage in my book.

In the capital riots, it appears that the head of the Oath Keeper, Elmer Stewart Rhodes, was actually a government informant, and likely a provocateur. The evidence for this statement is that he has not been charged with anything as yet, even as we listen to stories of conspiracies. And to date, it appears that only the Oath Keepers face any conspiracy charges. But not Rhodes.

But there is an even bigger problem. The FBI, the supposed premier law enforcement institution in the US, appears to routinely commit perjury.  In the case of Alaska senator Ted Stevens, it was determined after his conviction that the FBI routinely lied and withheld evidence in the case. Evidence that was exculpatory. Of course this was after he had already lost his Senatorial seat due to the false charges.

As a result of 9-11, the Patriot act was passed.  The patriot act was designed to allow the FBI to identify and track domestic terrorists using secret warrants, email searches, and wiretaps.  The law was very specific about the level of proof needed in order to get a FISA warrant, as well as the level of proof needed to renew a FISA warrant after the initial grant.  The FBI agents requesting FISA warrants are required to swear to the accuracy of the statements they put in the justification of the warrants.

In the wake of the collapse of Trump-Russia collusion fairy tale, the FBI IG was tasked with investigating the FISA warrants that the FBI had been granted in the past. What did he discover? That the FBI had followed the law, and the perjury committed by the FBI in the Trump case was a rare exception? No.  The IG found that in 75% of the FISA warrants that he looked at, the FBI had made false material statements to get the warrants. That is, they had committed perjury.  In the remaining 25% of the cases had the FBI followed the law?  No, in the remaining 25% of the cases the FBI hadnít even provided the required material but were still granted the warrant. So not only had the FBI committed perjury on a consistent basis, but the FISA court judges had not followed the law in granting the warrants. Begging the question, was the Trump case an exception or just business as usual by the FBI?

The FBI has been caught committing perjury in dozens of cases. Note that I am saying 'the FBI' not 'some FBI agents'.  I am saying 'the FBI' because it does indeed appear to be a problem of the FBI as an institution.  And there has been no significant punishment of the people or the institution. As far as we can tell, the FBI continues to lie routinely and get away with it. The only person punished in the Trump investigation was a minor, low level lawyer. Does anyone serious believe that the Investigation of Trump was not followed at the highest level and every important document wasnít reviewed by the most senior level officials?  Yes, it is likely, even probable, that the most senior FBI officials, Patrick Wray, James Comey, and others suborned perjury. But there has not even been the beginnings of an investigation. The last time I checked, if the Department of Justice refused to police itself, congress has the job of policing them. Congress, where are in this? Why are you letting the FBI run rampant over justice in the US? Will the FBI have to commit perjury about a Democrat before any investigation is forthcoming? Or will even that do it?

Recently it was announced that the trials in the capital riots wonít start until 2022.   Really? what happened to the constitutional guarantee of a prompt trial? And many of these people accused of trespassing are being held in jail and refused bail.  What has happened to the constitutional rights of the accused? Or do those only apply to those who are not political prisoners? According to the FBI, they are still building their case.  Still building the case? Meaning they didnít have the case when they arrested them? Or no case exists, since there is lots of video of the doors simply being opened for the rioters.

Sadly, it appears that what was once the premier law enforcement agency in our country has become little more than a tool of the government establishment, chasing enemies of the state and trumping up evidence against the innocent because it is unable to do actual investigative work. It is time to get the FBI out of Washington, and out of the business of politics.

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Silas Dogood

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