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Critical Race Theory and Rhode Island’s South Kingstown School District
Horace Milstead 6/9/2021 4:05 PM

It appears Rhode Island’s South Kingstown School District is another local school board in the United States that is in need of scrutiny when it comes to force feeding critical race theory and gender 'theory' to students within their district. Additionally, Committee Chair Emily Cummiskey is further exposed as a willing agent for silencing concerned parents when they have legitimate questions about what many see as Marxist/racist swill being passed off as school curriculum.


The theories espoused by this group of misguided indoctrinators is most succinctly explained by Grace Daniel in a commentary for The Daily Signal and it “basically divides society into two groups: oppressor and oppressed. If you are white, straight, male, and/or wealthy, you are an oppressor. If you are a racial minority, gay or transgender, a woman or identify as some other gender, and financially not wealthy, you are oppressed. The objective of critical theory is to defeat oppressors and overturn the system that benefits them.


Those who have embraced the tenets of critical theory are colloquially referred to as “social justice warriors,” or simply “woke.” (It’s important to note that most people who have been influenced by critical theory and its descendant theories—like critical race theory and queer theory—most likely wouldn’t identify themselves as “critical theorists”).


I like the term critical social justice to identify the ideology, because it doesn’t have a pejorative connotation and is descriptive of the earnest (though I believe misguided) motivations of many of its adherents.


Whatever they are called or what other people call them, they share the conviction that they have acquired a critical consciousness that enables them to rightly perceive systems of power and oppression unseen by others (hence, being “woke”). This belief governs all of their actions.”

Enter Mrs. Nicole Solas, whose sin against the omnipotent school district was having the temerity to question the curriculum in the schools as her daughter was getting ready to attend kindergarten in one of those schools.  She became concerned that CRT and gender theory were being taught when one of the school principals informed her that the terms ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ were not used in the school and anti-racism was being taught.  When the school was not completely forthcoming in providing information on the actual curriculum, Mrs. Solas used the state’s Access to Public Records Act to get the information she was entitled from a public school funded by taxpayer dollars.

They went after what their minds perceived as an ‘offending’ parent saying she “has been linked directly to a national, racist group (I believe this to be the conservative website Legal Insurrection) working to spread chaos, confusion, and dismantle anti-racism in schools nationwide. It’s disturbing to see a nationally-organized, racist group try to impact the quality, inclusive local public education we aim to bring our children here in South Kingstown".......this portion in quotation marks from an article in The Western Journal entitled 'School Committee Chair Brands Mother as Member of 'Racist Group' After She Speaks Out Against Critical Race Theory'.  They even threatened to sue the poor lady although that threat has since been dropped.


The Western Journal article referenced bears reading by those concerned about the indoctrination of children as young as five years old are receiving in public schools districts ruled by left wing, radical activists who obviously intend for young people to spend their spring breaks dressed in black on the streets of Portland or Seattle rather than dressed in swim trunks and bikinis on the bone white beaches of Florida.  In my opinion, Ms. Cummiskey and other members of the South Kingstown School Committee (school board) of like mind are not worthy of being caught within a country mile of any elementary or secondary school in Washington County, Rhode Island, or anywhere in the nation, for that matter.  

I plan on visiting not only the school district's FB page as well as the school district's website in coming days to ask a few questions myself, merely as a concerned citizen whose decades in the military helped assure their freedom to be elected and serve as overseers for educational matters in their community. You might want to do the same if you have a moment or two to express your opinion. You might also visit the Legal Insurrection website so you can see for yourself it does not bear any resemblance to Ms. Cummiskey's opinion of the group and its goals.


The United States is overwhelmingly a good and decent place with citizens devoted to equality, freedom, law and order, and individual responsibility, who adhere to the vision Martin Luther King, Jr. wished for in judging an individual’s worth…..content of their character rather than the color of their skin.  This is the reality in everyday life for the majority of normal Americans.  It is not the reality held by the perverted few who seek to create division and distrust amongst the citizenry while infecting the minds of our youth who will one day be the future of our country.  

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Horace Milstead
A Master Sergeant (Retired) Horace E. “Barney Rubble” Milstead comes to us after forty one years, three months and three days in the United States Army. I finally had to say a sad farewell to my beloved uniform but managed to serve almost eight more years as an US Army Civilian with the Army Reserve Family Programs contingent, taking care of Army families before, during and after deployment into the Middle East AOR. I finally fulfilled my 1965 promise to my father in 1980 when I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of North Carolina campus in Asheville, NC, giving him bragging rights as to all three of his son’s graduating college. At the end of the day, I am a NORMAL child of the sixties and unabashed conservative, influenced by proper role models such as John Wayne, Dwight Eisenhower and Audie Murphy rather than misanthropes like Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers.

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