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EagleHasLanded until recently was Senior Partner at a benefits consulting firm in CT. He has an extensive insurance background dating back over 3 decades. He merged his company with a national firm in 2018 and served as a Senior Partner until March 2021. EagleHasLanded maintains numerous life and health licenses in several states. He is also a Certified Insurance Consultant in addition to being licensed in Property and Casualty insurance. He has been active in the Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and the Boys and Girls Club. He is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and served as an infantry officer from 1983 until 1988. He lives with his wife and two sons in Fairfield county Connecticut.

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The Party of Hate
EagleHasLanded 6/19/2021 11:03 AM

Image: Jazella on Pixabay

Sometimes the truth is harsh. It can be harsh to listen to. It can seem harsh in purpose. Regardless, the truth must be spoken. The truth must be understood.

Will the Real Kamala Harris Please Stand UP?
EagleHasLanded 6/12/2021 11:03 AM
I may be dating myself by asking this, but do you remember the old TV gameshow To Tell The Truth? It was popular in the 50’s and 60’s. I watched it in the 60’s (I’m not that old). Three contestants would claim to be the genuine character in question and tell the story of their claim to fame to a panel of celebrity judges. Two of the contestants were impostors. The judges would question the contestants and then vote on who the impostors were and who the genuine character was.

Blacktivist in Chief
EagleHasLanded 6/5/2021 11:03 AM
The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was viewed contemporaneously by many onlookers as just a showboating, attention seeking activist at best and by his critics as a charlatan and troublemaker or worse. Since his untimely demise, his reputation has grown in stature. He is almost universally acknowledged as a legendary, heroic figure that nearly single-handedly began a movement for positive change in the country. Like Ghandi before him, his activism is now seen as necessary and good. Many have since tried, and failed, to pick up his mantle and carry on his fight. Instead, we have witnessed the burgeoning parade of black civil rights activists (blacktivists) who are self-serving and self-promoting. A growth industry that never stops growing regardless of how much race relations progress has been made.

Whose side is Biden on?
EagleHasLanded 5/29/2021 11:01 AM
The name Benedict Arnold is synonymous with treason. His name drips with images of treachery and betrayal. He sought fame but instead his name lives forever in infamy. Arnold was a general in the Continental Army. He was for a time a brilliant tactician and strategist and brave in combat. His ego caused him to become disgruntled at the supposed lack of recognition and promotion he thought he deserved. As commander of West Point, he plotted to surrender the strategic fort to the British. His treacherous scheme was discovered, and he escaped to England avoiding sure death by hanging.

A Most Abnormal Presidency
EagleHasLanded 5/22/2021 11:02 AM
Imagine a campaign for the most powerful office in the world being conducted from a basement. Imagine a supposedly rabid dog media rolling over and going along with such a nonsensical campaign, as if they were puppy dogs wanting their bellies scratched. Imagine being told that an obviously cognitively impaired, near octogenarian, 50-year career candidate is the most capable man one major political party has to offer and that he is equipped to handle the massive responsibilities that come with that most powerful position yet can barely put two cohesive sentences together. Well, you don’t have to imagine any of that because it actually happened last year, as most normal people watched in horror and amazement. What the hell just happened, they murmured. That and what has happened since is in no ways normal.

When Everything is Racist, Nothing is
EagleHasLanded 5/15/2021 8:02 AM
I have heard most of my adult life that we should have “a conversation on racism” in our country, by those who only want to talk about race relations. It seems lately that all we do is have conversations on racism. Everywhere you look, we are having some form of this conversation. I am longing for the time we can stop having this hackneyed conversation on racism. I bet many others feel the exact same way I do. Enough already. Can we talk about something else?

White is the new Black
EagleHasLanded 5/8/2021 8:02 AM
You can treat those of that race with all the indignity you can muster. They do not have the same rights as you. You can treat them differently. You can mock them publicly and be applauded for it. It is you that is in charge, not they. And you are going to rub that fact in their face every chance you get. Afterall, you are the majority, and they are the minority and you’re going to do whatever it takes to keep it that way. There are two justice systems and yours rules. Very biased partisans dressed up in black robes do not administer equal justice, they administer your justice, so you know you are safe. Even the media is on your side and will rarely report on these injustices. Safe again. Academia and Hollywood also push your agenda. You find cover on all fronts. This must be 1950’s America, right? Wrong! This is America today, 2021.

I Miss Rush
EagleHasLanded 4/22/2021 2:47 PM
I Miss Rush. It must have been 1991 when I first heard his voice booming on my AM car radio. Although a conservative myself, I could not believe what I was hearing. Someone else was saying the same things I was thinking most of my adult life, only he had the audacity to be saying them on the radio! And boy was he ever audacious. I was on lunch break dialing around the radio, between bites of my drive thru meal, trying to find some news on the Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court nomination hearings in the Senate. I had just heard on CBS News radio that Anita Hill’s lone witness had destroyed Thomas’ credibility. “Enough of that”, I mumbled to myself. Then, I stumbled onto Rush Limbaugh, thank God. His take was the 180o opposite of what I had just heard on CBS, the conventional wisdom. Rush’s analysis picked apart Hill’s witness like no one else could and put CBS “news” to shame. I was hooked.


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