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James Atticus Bowden is a co-founder of the Virginia First Foundation. He is a retired U.S. Army Officer and Defense Consultant. His home of record upon entering the United States Military Academy was Arlington, Virginia. He graduated in 1972. Bowden served as an airborne, ranger infantry officer in 5 Divisions. He earned graduate degrees from the JFK School of Government at Harvard University and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Columbia University. He taught as an Assistant Professor at USMA and Adjunct Faculty at the College of William and Mary. Mr. Bowden wrote his first op ed the week after 9-11. He has written over 1k pieces since then. He posts on his blog, “Deo Vindice”, He self-published a novel, Rosetta 6.2, and non-fiction work, “A Grief Felt.” He has resided in Poquoson, Virginia for over 30 years.

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Pandemic Spotlight on Socialism
James Atticus Bowden 6/17/2021 1:03 PM

Image: Pixabay

The Wuhan Virus Pandemic shows Americans, and especially Virginians, what Socialism looks like. The empty store shelves were just a glimpse of what Socialism makes much, much worse.

Whining While Black
James Atticus Bowden 6/15/2021 11:34 AM
I wrote this piece in May 2005. It still applies – more than ever. Thank goodness Confederate History Month is over! Maybe journalists, black politicians and Civil Rights organizations will stop whining for awhile.

246 Reasons for Flag Day 2021
James Atticus Bowden 6/14/2021 11:02 AM
The 246 reasons for this flag day are the 246 years there’s been a U.S. Army. Flag day is the Army’s birthday – June 14, 1775. How appropriate. The Army created America - the Nation. The day there is no U.S. Army will be the day there is no more America.

Systemic Racism in America; It’s not your old Jim Crow
James Atticus Bowden 6/8/2021 11:04 AM
In 31 years in the South, since I came back from Europe, I haven’t been to a single wedding or funeral that wasn’t interracial. The only all-white affair I’ve seen was a wedding up North. I’ve not heard an unkind word about inter-racial marriage. That shouts “change” to everyone who lived in segregated times. So, where is the systemic racism in America?

What to Make of it All
James Atticus Bowden 6/1/2021 11:05 AM
Folly of humans has frightful consequences 2020 reminded me of 1968. 2021 may be “back to the 70s” with gas lines, stagflation, weakness, rising crime, and corruption. 1968 was special.

What to Make of It All; The Folly of Humans Has Frightful Consequences
James Atticus Bowden 5/25/2021 11:03 AM
2020 reminded me of 1968. That year was described as “A crack in time” when the tectonic plates of history shifted, the human earthquakes shook, and nothing was ever quite the same. Well, it seems not quite the same in the lifespan of people living through that time. But, later it's seen as very much the same in the long, long, generation upon generation view of people just being people.

How Our House Is Divided
James Atticus Bowden 5/18/2021 11:03 AM
The United States of America is divided because we are in a Culture War. How many times have I been chided as a “Culture Warrior” since I started writing my thousand plus pieces after 9-11? Well, it’s true. It’s not politics as usual. There’s no common ground unless there is an existential threat to the whole country, like 9-11. We are fighting the Great U.S. Culture War.

The Point About West Point
James Atticus Bowden 5/11/2021 11:12 AM
The latest cheating scandal at West Point is national news. The United States Military Academy response and remedy creates more controversy. Both scandal and controversy aren't surprising, but they get to the point about what is important about West Point. The Army motto is “This We’ll Defend.” Look at the U.S. Army as a brick wall protecting our United States of America. The cement which binds the bricks together is the trust and confidence in the Commissioned Officers.

Coming Class War or Culture War?
James Atticus Bowden 5/4/2021 10:02 AM
The 74 million real votes for President Trump are the makings of a new governing majority – if cheating, state-by-state, can be corrected. The people who work for wages or own small businesses in key Northern and Midwestern states are the new margin of victory. They’re same people who helped Barry Soetero get his blowout of 69 million votes in 2008. They aren’t social Conservatives. They will vote for the candidate who fights for their economic interests. And, their personal freedom. It could be a massive voting shift of the middle class – from hourly wage-earners to prosperous small business owners – to vote consistently for a party that earns their votes. For candidates who fight truly for their lives and families.

One Front; Two Wars
James Atticus Bowden 4/22/2021 10:17 AM
The external threat threatening us in our homeland changed over two decades. Islamist Totalitarianism presents less of an open, obvious threat to national survival. That might continue until the Muslim population bomb explodes in Europe, Russia, or Canada. Meanwhile, rising China means rising competition which may lead to the conflagration of war. China is already in a cyber-war with us. Chinese influence in American business and politics may have crossed the threshold from influence to outright interference. Time will tell if our competition leads to the Götterdämmerung of the U.S.A. or China.


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