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Elizabeth Vaughn is the founder and editor of The American Crisis. She is a current contributor to The Western Journal and the American Free News Network. And a previous contributor to RedState, Newsmax, The Dan Bongino Show, and The Federalist. Her articles have also appeared on Instapundit, RealClearPolitics, Newsmax, MSN, Hot Air, Twitchy, The Gateway Pundit, Ricochet and other sites. Prior to blogging, Elizabeth was a financial consultant at Merrill Lynch and an independent equity trader. She is a wife, a mom to three grown children and several beloved golden retrievers, and a grandmother.

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McCloskeys Get Last Laugh After The Court Seizes Their Guns
Elizabeth Vaughn 6/21/2021 3:02 PM

Photo credit: Image by MasterTux from Pixabay

The political persecution of a couple who dared to exercise their Second Amendment rights after a mob of Black Lives Matter members 300 strong broke down an iron gate and entered their private community illegally last summer, has finally come to a conclusion.

IRS Refuses Christian Group Tax-Exempt Status, Use Bible Teachings 'Typically Affiliated' With GOP
Elizabeth Vaughn 6/21/2021 9:08 AM

Photo Credit: Image by Here and now, unfortunately, ends my journey on Pixabay

Somewhere, Lois Lerner is smiling. Fox Business News reports that last month, Texas-based group Christian Engaged was notified by the IRS' director of exempt organizations, Stephen Martin, that their request for tax-exempt status under IRC Section 501(c)(3) had been denied.

After One-Hit Wonder Disses Old Glory in an Op-ed, Rep. Lauren Boebert Swats Her Down Good
Elizabeth Vaughn 6/20/2021 3:01 PM

Photo Credit: Image by Prawny from Pixabay

It became clear to singer Macy Gray on Jan. 6 that Old Glory had replaced the Confederate battle flag she thought she'd finally seen the last of. "The American flag ... is tattered, dated, divisive, and incorrect. It no longer represents democracy and freedom. It no longer represents ALL of us. It’s not fair to be forced to honor it. It’s time for a new flag."

Black Theologian Warns of 'Demonic Ideologies' Behind Leftist Movements
Elizabeth Vaughn 6/19/2021 3:04 PM

Photo Credit: Image by Markus Winkler from Pixabay

When I think of Black Liberation Theology, I think of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, candidate Barack Obama's longtime pastor whom he conveniently threw under the bus when it was necessary to save his 2008 presidential campaign.

Zuckerberg Offers 'Huge Amount' to Use Pink Floyd Song in Ad, Band Member Gives Him a Brutal Wake-Up Call
Elizabeth Vaughn 6/19/2021 9:02 AM

Photo Credit: Image by Kjerstin Michaela Noomi Sakura Gihle Martinsen Haraldsen from Pixabay

Roger Waters, co-founder of the rock band Pink Floyd, did not mince words after receiving an offer from Facebook for the rights to use the 1979 hit song “Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2" in an Instagram ad.

Asked to Define Racism, Celebrated Race 'Expert' Offers a Stunningly Stupid Reply
Elizabeth Vaughn 6/18/2021 3:08 PM

Photo Credit: Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Imagine you claim to be an expert on a particular subject. You've studied it, you've taught classes on it. You've even written a book about it. The book, entitled "How to Be an Antiracist," is so popular, in fact, that it's become recommended reading for every new sailor in the U.S. Navy. You've even been named to Time Magazine's list of the 100 most influential people of 2020.

Massive Bronze Statue of George Floyd Unveiled at Newark, NJ City Hall Ahead of Juneteenth
Elizabeth Vaughn 6/18/2021 9:02 AM

Photo Credit: Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay

Somewhere, even George Floyd has to be laughing over the installation of a 700-pound statue of himself in front of Newark, New Jersey, City Hall.

Congressman Berates Woke Admiral Over 'Recommended Reading' for Sailors
Elizabeth Vaughn 6/17/2021 2:04 PM

Photo Credit: Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Indiana Rep. Jim Banks, a Republican, had a rather contentious exchange with Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Michael Gilday during a House Armed Services Committee hearing on Tuesday. Adm. Gilday put a controversial book, "How to Be an Antiracist," written by Ibram X. Kendi, an ardent supporter of critical race theory, on the Navy's recommended reading list.

Sen. Joe Manchin's Leaked Phone Call Proves He's Just Another Viper in the Swamp
Elizabeth Vaughn 6/17/2021 9:10 AM

Photo Credit: Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

After Sen. Kyrsten Sinema's spokesperson made it crystal clear that the Arizona Democrat was not open to ending the filibuster in January, Sen. Joe Manchin was asked about his own position. He had expressed resistance to the idea in the past, but several of his statements in the interim had left some Republicans wondering.

Democrats Try Again to Advance D.C. Statehood, Here's Why That Dog Won't Hunt
Elizabeth Vaughn 6/16/2021 2:02 PM
Once again, the Democrats invoke racism and democracy to advance their misguided bill for D.C. statehood. Here's why it won't work this time either.

Greta Thunberg Inspired Group Disbands After Labeling Itself as a 'Racist, White-Dominated Space'
Elizabeth Vaughn 6/16/2021 9:21 AM
Remember when bratty little environmental activist Greta Thunberg burst onto the world stage in 2019? Standing before world leaders at the UN, the pint-sized pest upbraided them for their collective failure to address the greatest threat facing the planet - climate change.

NK Defector Who Attended Columbia University: ‘Even North Korea Is Not This Nuts’
Elizabeth Vaughn 6/15/2021 1:03 PM
Yeonmi Park fled from North Korea with her family in 2007. She was 13 years old. Their harrowing two-year journey to South Korea took them through China and Mongolia. At one point, she and her mother were sold into slavery by human traffickers.

Mike Pompeo Reveals the One Thing That Keeps Him up at Night
Elizabeth Vaughn 6/15/2021 9:01 AM
Pompeo told Catsimadidis, "I get asked all the time, what keeps you up at night? What's the thing that worries you the most? What's the thing that's most on your mind?"

New Jersey School Board Votes to Remove Holidays from Calendar to Be More Inclusive
Elizabeth Vaughn 6/14/2021 7:05 PM
The majority of states celebrate Columbus Day, a holiday meant to honor the memory of Christopher Columbus' arrival in the Americas on October 12, 1492. Over the past decade, public opinion has begun to turn against the Italian explorer amidst claims of his cruel "treatment of the indigenous communities he encountered and for his role in the violent colonization at their expense," according to CNN.

5 Years Later, Democrats Are Still Lying About the Pulse Nightclub Shooting
Elizabeth Vaughn 6/14/2021 3:06 PM
Saturday marked the fifth anniversary of the mass shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Omar Mateen, a resident of the state, gunned down 49 people and wounded 53 others at the nightclub before being killed by police.


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