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Mike Ford is a retired Infantry Officer who writes mainly on Military and Foreign Policy, while occasionally dabbling in Political and Economic matters. Ford has widespread experience, ranging from military, local law enforcement and developing technology solutions for special operations applications.

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Mere Virtue Signaling or a Possibly Harmful Affirmation of a Medical Disorder?
Mike Ford 6/19/2021 2:01 PM

"True Name" MasterCard YouTube ScreenGrab

Yesterday, while flipping through channels, alternating between news stations and the Food Network, I happened upon this a commercial from MasterCard™. Evidently attempting to take “woke” to an entirely new level, the credit card company has new ad to promote their "True Name" credit card. Bottom line? Should I ever decide to transition from Mike, into say, Michelle Ford, I can now obtain a credit card in my preferred name without even completing the paperwork necessary for a legal name change. What a tremendous relief! Thank you Mastercard!™.

Biden's Intelligence Lapse
Mike Ford 6/18/2021 4:02 PM

DOD Publication on Critical Information

Biden told Putin just what to target and in the process, told Putin everything he needed to know about his adversary.

Men Without Chests
Mike Ford 6/17/2021 3:04 PM

CS Lewis, Image: Wikipedia

C.S. Lewis warned us, We make men without chests and expect from them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.

Marker on the Table (Redux)
Mike Ford 6/16/2021 5:01 PM

Gas Price, Lincoln, AL June 16, 2021 Image: Mike Ford

On January 20, 2021, shortly after the inauguration of IPOTUS Joe Biden, I laid a “marker on the table.” The idea was to capture in real time where we were at the end of the Presidency of Donald J. Trump, and then from beginning of the fraudulently obtained reign of Joe Biden, note the changes. Let's have a quick look at where we stand today after 6 months of IPOTUS Biden

Mandatory Vaccines: Cui Bono?
Mike Ford 6/15/2021 3:06 PM
Police Investigators, along with fans of Detective Andy Sipowicz (NYPD Blue) know that there are three elements in helping determine who might be the perpetrator of a crime being investigated; Motive, Means and Opportunity. Finding the person who lines up with all three of these factors won’t always get you to the right guy, but more often than not, they will start you off in the right direction. With the Wuhan China virus, often referred to by some folks as the “Chinese Lung AIDS,” that analysis can be simple and convoluted all at the same time.

Mike Rowe: Plain Spoken Wisdom About the Immorality of Student Loan “Forgiveness.”
Mike Ford 6/14/2021 1:01 PM
Author and Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe said it is profoundly unfair for Democrats to make “taxpayers pay the tuition of those who wish to attend a university.”

Old Glory
Mike Ford 6/14/2021 5:15 AM
Our Flag, is made up of (now) 50 White Stars on a Blue field, with 7 Red Stripes alternating with 6 White Stripes. Old Glory has seen heroic deeds done on its behalf or been used itself used to celebrate such deeds. One such case of the former, happened in the Civil War.

West Point Could Be In Violation Of Federal Law and International Agreements
Mike Ford 6/11/2021 2:02 PM
According to several media sources, the United States Military Academy at West Point (USMA) is segregating Cadets who have refuse to take vaccinations for the Wuhan China Virus. Pam Long over at The Defender © an online Children’s Health magazine writes, Parents of cadets at the U.S. Military Academy report leadership is forcing 37 unvaccinated cadets to live in a single tent for Cadet Field Training during the months of June and July.

It’s Past Time For RICO; Where is Elliot Ness When We Need Him?
Mike Ford 6/10/2021 4:02 PM
A short time ago, my good friend and colleague Bonchie over at Red State asked, “Is there a more vindicated man on the planet right now than Rand Paul, at least politically speaking?” Although in violent agreement with the vast majority of his piece, I did respond with who I thought has been far more vindicated and across a much wider range of statements and decisions. That person is of course, former President Donald John Trump. In my response, I enumerated a couple examples why I chose POTUS 45 for this honor. That brings us to the cogent question: “What’s next and when?”

Most Assault Rifles...Aren’t
Mike Ford 6/9/2021 3:06 PM
The above is not an assault weapon, and neither are most of the firearms now under attack by the left.

The $147.00 Tasmanian devil
Mike Ford 6/6/2021 4:01 PM
Sometimes a Daddy has to do what a Daddy has to do.

Ron DeSantis, Another Example of: If You Fight, You Can Win
Mike Ford 6/5/2021 3:06 PM
Once again, the Donald Trump model has been proven correct and the RINO surrender caucus has been proven horribly wrong. The surrender caucus is forever trying to compromise with the left by trying to appease them. History shows, that doesn’t work. The leftists of the Democrat Party see our compromise as weakness. What the left respects, is strength of conviction. Which brings us to today’s epistle.

Where Do I Go To Get My Presidency Back?
Mike Ford 6/4/2021 5:05 PM
Where do I go to get my Presidency back? That’s a takeoff on a question asked by Raymond J. Donovan, former Secretary of Labor under President Ronald Reagan. After being acquitted, he asked how he could fix the damage to his reputation. President Trump is likely asking the same thing today.

Memorial Day: Earn It
Mike Ford 5/31/2021 3:02 PM
It’s a gorgeous weekend here on Lake Logan Martin, Talladega, Alabama. The sun is shining, and the weather is cooler than normal. It’s day three of perfect holiday weather. And people are taking full advantage of it. Like our founder Adam Selene, as an old dude, I am tickled pink seeing American families out on the lake taking advantage of a 3-day weekend accompanied by perfect weather. What have we done to earn such blessings?

Congresswoman Margorie Taylor Greene Is Right
Mike Ford 5/27/2021 3:03 PM
It seems that during an interview, Representative Green made a comment regarding forced mask wearing in the House of Representatives, comparing it to some of the actions taken against the German Jewish population. She was right despite the cacophony from the left and their RINO enablers


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