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Pope Or Politician?
Mike Ford 5/5/2021 12:49 PM

Pope or Politician



A slip and fall lawyer, a liberal congressman, a defense contractor and the Pope walk into a bar. They are all looking for the same thing, money on the table.


"Money on the table," is a phrase often used by attorneys negotiating civil settlements and contractors bidding on defense programs. It's a philosophy implying that other people's money is theirs for the taking.

Legislators look at other people's money the same way. There is a pot of money, U.S. total income, that is there for them to tax and spend in order to achieve their ends, winning the next election. 


The lawyer, the congressman and the contractor have one thing in common. They are in the business of using the full power of the government to forcibly take money from one group of folks, in order to give it to themselves and their clients/constituents.


Although his motives are altruistic, in some respects, the Pope looks at the United States and the rest of the World in much the same way, albeit with a much larger scope and scale. The Pope has a righteous, worldwide charter to assist the poor. In that regard, he doesn't consider borders. He sees poverty, income inequality and other issues as global problems, requiring global solutions. He looks at the total poverty problem and balances it against total global wealth. 


His solution however, is the same as that of his bar companions; "Don't ever leave money on the table." He looks at U.S. wealth and income as a global asset that can, nay, must be tapped into to solve global problems. This attitude towards other people's money, is why from his walled in fortress in Vatican City, he believes he can guilt U.S. Lawmakers into forcibly taking more money from American taxpayers for the purpose of redistributing it. As an aside, while living inside that 39 foot tall barrier, while he daily decries U.S. efforts to protect its border with a wall that varies between 18 and 27 feet. Much like his fellow travelers in the Democrat Party, the Pope disguises  redistribution by hiding it in his support for climate change remedies and unfettered immigration to the United States. Both of these will have the effect of transferring Western (read U.S.) wealth to the Third World. 


In the case of climate change, actual U.S. wealth will be either directly given to third world countries, or indirectly given via regulations unilaterally imposed on U.S. industries, in order to give third world countries a competitive advantage. His immigration philosophy will bring the Third World poor to the United States and as a result of their pressure on our safety net, ultimately bring the U.S. standard of living down to the Third World's level.


The Pope is a man of the cloth. I can understand and support his desire to exhort all individuals to do as Christ would have us do, to help the poor. When he advocates using the power of government to coerce such behavior, he crosses the line from being a kind, gentle man of the cloth, to becoming yet another liberal politician whose motives have become suspect




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Mike Ford
Mike Ford is a retired Infantry Officer who writes mainly on Military and Foreign Policy, while occasionally dabbling in Political and Economic matters. Ford has widespread experience, ranging from military, local law enforcement and developing technology solutions for special operations applications.

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