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Saturday, July 31, 2021

CDC Used 'Cape Cod Cluster' Data to Justify New Mask Guidance; Here's What They Missed
Elizabeth Vaughn 7/31/2021 3:04 PM

Image by 868581 from Pixabay

The CDC chose the gayest weekend in one of the gayest towns in America to achieve these results.
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  Elizabeth Vaughn
Silas Responsible Carry
Silas Dogood 7/31/2021 2:06 PM

Image: Pixabay

Just because you can do something, doesn't always mean you should do something.
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American Deja Vu--All Over Again, By Citizen Writer: Alma Womack
American Citizen 7/31/2021 1:05 PM

Image: Pixabay

Well, here we go again. Just about the time people realized that face masks are useless for stopping a microscopic virus, people are out living again, we are in another government induced panic, this time, the "Delta Variant.".
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Dana If you want to see more conservative political victories, go to church!
Dana Pico 7/31/2021 12:05 PM

Image: Pixabay

The real solidarity of conservatives comes from faith and a clear understanding of God's laws and morality.
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 No Vaccination Without Representation
 EagleHasLanded 7/31/2021 11:02 AM


Unelected bureaucrats are making far too many decisions for Americans; the CDC is the worst of the bunch.
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American Conditioned Or Brainwashed, By Citizen Writer, Michael Cavalier
American Citizen 7/31/2021 10:03 AM

Image: Pixabay

I have been conditioned from a very young age to think like a Democrat. Iím sure that hasnít stopped in other families even today.
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Elizabeth Matt Gaetz Insinuates Govt. Involvement on Jan. 6; Demands Release of 14,000 Hours of Footage
Elizabeth Vaughn 7/31/2021 9:02 AM

Photo Credit: Jackelberry from Pixabay

Independent journalist and former marine: "Whoever those men are, the FBI is NOT looking for them. ... I would really like to know why, wouldn't you?"
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John No!
John Tobin 7/31/2021 8:01 AM

Image: Pixabay

Our governments from local up to the Federal level don't hear the word, "NO," often enough. That needs to change.
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John Secession is Occurring, Part 1
John Surdu 7/31/2021 5:01 AM
We are becoming two distinctly different Dis-United States. One is an America based on our Constitution, institutions, law and order, freedoms, common view of civics, commonly interpreted history, and common culture. The other is an America transformed into a Leftist, woke, Marxist repressive regime in which all our institutions must be destroyed to rehabilitate an inherently evil nation. The first is government of the people, by the people, and for the people. The second is government of the woke, by the ruling class, over the people.
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Elizabeth Oh the Irony: Biden Administration 'Repatriates' 27 Cuban Refugees
Elizabeth Vaughn 7/30/2021 4:03 PM

Image by Bernd Vanforsch from Pixabay

Reached for comment, a Coast Guard Commander said, ďTaking to the seas on unsafe vessels is dangerous and can result in loss of life." So can sending asylum seekers back to the oppressive†communist country they'd just fled.
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